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Innovation january 24, 2014

Sophie Maxwell: What Will The Top Brand Needs Be In 2014

As 2014 begins, brands must identify and anticipate key desires in order to make real, lasting change.

Arts & Culture november 5, 2012

Ed Cotton: Examining The Creative Process

The documentary 'Gerhard Richter Painting' follows the struggles of the well-renown painter to bring his master pieces to life. But what lessons can today's young creatives learn from him?

Work september 6, 2012

Ed Cotton: Could You Work At The Same Job For 70 Years?

Jiro Ono has been making sushi since he was nine years old, but still says he has more to learn to perfect his craft.

Technology august 30, 2012

Ed Cotton: Is The Ownership Revolution Transforming Brands?

As more and more consumers adopt a "collaborative consumption" model, brands move towards service models instead of purchase ones.

Home july 16, 2012

Ed Cotton: Should Every Brand Have A Non-Tech Incubator?

Could companies use startups to provide innovative product ideas and concepts outside of emerging technology?

Work july 2, 2012

Ed Cotton: Is Starbucks' Plea To Fix America Crossing A Brand Line?

Howard Schultz, Chairman and CEO of the multi-national coffee brand, has issued an open letter reflecting on current issues he perceives are lowering morale in the USA.

Mobile june 18, 2012

Ed Cotton: What Are The Opportunities Of A Smart Glass World?

Advertisers and content creators should already be thinking about the possibilities for reaching out to and engaging with consumers through intuitive multiscreen experiences.

Advertising june 6, 2012

Ed Cotton: Captain Morgan's Search For Branded Content Treasure

The rum brand strikes gold in deciding to fund a real life Indiana Jones on a dive for their namesake's pirate trove.

Technology march 5, 2012

Ed Cotton: How Can Small Brands Tell Their Stories?

What are the most effective channel that lower-profile companies can leverage to get their message to the same audience as their larger counterparts, without breaking the bank?

IoT february 23, 2012

Ed Cotton: To Get Close To Customers, Brands Need To Get Real

The UK newspaper, the Guardian, will be opening its doors to readers by hosting a two-day face-to-face event where readers can debate with journalists.

Retail november 14, 2011

Ed Cotton: What’s The Mindset Of The American Shopper?

Consumers are opting to share more and spend less in these economic hard times.

Advertising october 13, 2011

Ed Cotton: Understanding The Facebook Dislike

Why do people 'unlike' brands they have 'liked' on Facebook?

Work october 3, 2011

Ed Cotton: The Fragmentization Of Experiences Highlighted By The Kindle Fire

The launch of Amazon's newest device highlights an ongoing trend that interrupts how we experience content.

Sustainability september 21, 2011

Ed Cotton: It's Time To Better What We Have Rather Than Buying New

Ed Cotton describes the trend towards making things a little nicer and better as a way of supporting and practicing sustainability.


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