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Technology august 10, 2016

This Pen Will Let You Use Any Color In The World

Artists can scan any pigment they discover and use it to write or draw with over 16 million shades

Technology august 8, 2016

The World's First Robot Tattoo Artist Is Here

Appropriate Audiences and Autodesk Pier 9 dream up a world of mechanical artistry for your next ink

Arts & Culture may 25, 2016

This Disappearing Tattoo Ink Is Gone After A Year

Afraid of commitment? A special kind of ink can be easily removed from the skin

Design & Architecture may 18, 2016

Photos Of Vintage Computers Show How They Would Be Marketed Today

Retro fans will appreciate a series of photos highlighting computers from recent history

Retail april 14, 2016

Think Before You Ink With This Augmented Reality App

InkHunter is an AR app that helps you make tattoo decisions

Design & Architecture november 24, 2014

Alchemist Kit for DIY Matter through Physicochemical Phenomena

Samples of raw materials let you experiment with components to give shape to your ideas

Mobile may 28, 2014

Pen Can Match Its Ink To Any Color In The Real World

Drawing tool gives you access to 16 million different color combinations.

Technology february 6, 2014

Functional Keyboard Can Be Printed Onto A Sheet Of Paper

Clunky input devices will soon be extinct thanks to this new technology.

Arts & Culture january 9, 2014

Tablet Automatically Transfers Drawings From Paper To Screen [Video]

Qualcomm unveils device that lets notes and animations created with real ink simultaneously appear in a digital form.

Innovation january 2, 2014

Edible Electronics Made From Fish Ink Could Power Smart Pills

Batteries made from biodegradable pigments from cuttlefish ink could lead to alternate power sources for medical devices.

Sustainability september 3, 2013

Lamp Changes Colors Using Ink-Filled Syringes [Video]

Arduino-powered light requires injections to display different colors of light.

Technology may 23, 2012

Japanese Mayor Leads Campaign For Tattoo Removal From Government Employees [Headlines]

Nearly 100 people would have to find another job or remove their ink if the Osaka mayor's crusade succeeds.

Retail august 27, 2011

Classic Novel Covers Reimagined As Tattoos

Book publisher Penguin commissions tattoo artists to redesign the book covers to six classic novels.

Technology october 29, 2009

Xerox's Printable Circuitry

Xerox has developed a silver ink that can be used to print electronic circuits on fabrics, films, and materials other than boards.


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