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Europe october 26, 2016

This Company Believes Insects Can Provide Biofuel To Power Our Future

A Polish group is testing out a new factory concept that can provide a source of renewable energy, and even serve space missions

Health july 29, 2016

Study Claims Cockroach Milk Could Be The Next Superfood

Researchers in India have found that the insects might be able to provide an alternative and compete protein source

Design & Architecture july 26, 2016

Artist Creates Patterned Wallpapers Using Thousands Of Pinned Insects

The unique exhibition is on display at the Smithsonian's recently reopened Renwick Gallery

Arts & Culture april 19, 2016

Rainbow Colored Nests Built By Wasps

This artist's project visualizes the power of collaborative work

Advertising october 20, 2014

Sexyfood Packaging Concept Entices You to Eat Bugs

A line of food cans aims to create memorable dining experiences and open consumers up to a world of alternative food sources

Sustainability august 11, 2014

How Entrepreneurs Are Helping American Consumers to Accept 'Bug Food'

Entomophagy, the practice of eating insects, shows just how much emotion outweighs rationality in consumer culture

Syndicated july 9, 2014

The Future Of Food: Will Eating Insects Become The Norm?

Bugs could be the answer for a sustainable and nutritional food source.

Innovation may 16, 2014

Fly Factory Aims To Make Insects More Appealing To Western Palates

Could homegrown larvae be the solution to food shortages in the future?

Design & Architecture november 5, 2013

Artist Creates Bright Colorful Inks Using Insects

Designer creates a screen printed book with the help of tiny beetles.

Technology september 20, 2013

Experimental Lens Provides Humans With Wide-Angle Insect Vision

New technology could revolutionize surgical imaging and smartphone photography.

Home september 18, 2013

Can Sleek Packaging Normalize Insect Snacks?

Designers try to make the idea of eating a bug more appealing in anticipation of a growing global population.

Sustainability august 4, 2013

Cricket Protein Bar Tastes Like Chocolate

Exo makes healthy sweets with flour made from the bugs. They chat with PSFK about the future of feeding the planet.

Syndicated june 17, 2013

Bugs And Edible Packaging Could Be The Future Of Food

Scientists are looking for sustainable alternative to traditional foodstuffs as the world's population increases.

Arts & Culture march 5, 2013

Insects May Be The Most Sustainable Food Source

London festival aims to take the ick factor out of eating bugs and promote the environmental benefits.


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