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[News] Instagram launches Events channel to cover concerts and sporting events
[Stat] Instagram generates 4.2x more content than Facebook during the Olympics
Arts & Culture august 15, 2016

Photographer Brings To Life Famous Meals From Literature

The project involves elaborate planning and staging to capture precise recreations of fictional foods

Culture august 11, 2016

What Would It Look Like If Instagram Ran On Windows 95?

These GIFs imagine if the most popular image-sharing service was a program on the early operating system

[News] J.Crew taps social audience with first Instagram-only sale
Culture july 27, 2016

Photo-Sharing App Brings Images To Life Through Swinging

Polaroid's new service offers one-second video clips that offer a greater field of view by tilting and tapping your phone

Advertising july 7, 2016

Content Strategy Director: Brands And The Bite-Sized Media Revolution

Jen Boyles of advertising agency Olson explains how to create a short, digestible and humanizing digital strategy. Join us at our NYC Future of Advertising Event for more great insight

Culture july 7, 2016

Tiny Wireless Printer Will Turn Your iPhone Photos Into Polaroids

Fuji's new device will let you create prints of photos from your phone

Culture june 29, 2016

Edible Art Inspired By A Son’s Drawings

A mother creates beautiful loaves of bread based on illustrations

[Insight] Instagram provides restaurants with more valuable data than Yelp
[Stat] 1 in 3 American millennials could be considered social influencers
[Stat] Photo-taking improves experiences, says study
Advertising june 2, 2016

Order Your Hangover Cure Through Instagram

Detox drink claims to "absorb toxins" even after long nights out or heavy meals

Design may 17, 2016

Facebook Wants To Create An Emoji Of You

The social network might soon insert a picture of you when you send an emoji

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