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Design & Architecture february 11, 2016

Times Square Installation Invites Intimacy in the Heart of the City

An installation in Times Square that dances between intimacy and performance

Work april 26, 2013

The Creators Project: Interactive Musical Forest Made Of Lasers

Laser Forest is comprised of 150 rods which can be tapped and played.

Light Installation: 25,000 LEDs Sparkle Across The Bay Bridge
Work january 28, 2013

Real-Life Tetris With Reclaimed Objects [Pics]

Swedish artist converts everyday items into grand-scale sculptures reminiscent of the classic game.

Technology august 13, 2012

Create Digital Light Graffiti With Water-Sensitive LEDs

Anyone can create luminescent art with a surface that lights up when it comes into contact with moisture.

Home february 8, 2012

Artist Creates An Interactive Maternity Ward For Yogurt

Jennifer Rubell's latest installation, Incubation, features homemade yogurt, cultured and shared with a live audience.

Design & Architecture january 23, 2012

Optical Illusion Street Art Installation Recreates City Streets

Isidro Blasco's Deconstructing Ways in an art intervention that inspires more imaginative relationships with a city's geography.

Advertising october 21, 2011

Ed Cotton: Building The Brand Experience–Vice And Intel

The Creators Project in Brooklyn, NY, last week demonstrated the power of subtle branding.

Arts & Culture july 16, 2010

OFFF Review: Art Consultancy Sosolimited.

PSFK talks to Boston-based installation artists, Sosolimited about performance, language, politics and TV remix boxes.

Technology february 17, 2010

Skype Goes Mobile With Personal Messages As Outdoor Art

To celebrate the launch of their mobile application, Skype has commissioned five artists from across the globe to help transform people's personal messages into outdoor art.

Design & Architecture february 11, 2010

Aeolus: A Singing Acoustic Wind Pavilion

Luke Jerram, a multi-disciplinary artist combines acoustics, wind and architecture in his harmonious design of Aeolus.


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