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Design & Architecture july 29, 2016

Art Installation Mimics The 5,000 Footprints Of A Dance Floor

Architect Jean Verville's project transforms quiet public spaces into areas of communal movement and color

Entertainment june 29, 2016

This Light Installation Will Play With Your Perception Of Time

A new audiovisual project features a grid of motion-controlled LED pendulums that move like the rhythm of a clock

Travel june 10, 2016

Citizens Crowdfund NYC’s First Pop-Up Bridge

A floating pedestrian path is designed to connect Brooklyn to New York's Governors Island

Sustainability may 24, 2016

Typographic Installation Raises Awareness About Endangered Species

Visitors to this installation could learn more about endangered species in a creative way

Work march 23, 2016

Where Have All the Art Punks Gone?

Every generation has defined itself by rebellion. So where are the Gen Y revolutionaries?

Health february 26, 2016

Take a Mid-Day Breather In a Nap Bar

Enjoy a special nap pillow, herbal tea and soothing lullaby for free

Retail december 9, 2015

Target Opens Holiday-Themed Playground In New York City

The retailer's 16,000-square-foot space features ten larger-than-life displays

Innovation september 15, 2015

Bompas and Parr: The Craft of Designing Vice for All Five Senses

From bounce-houses made of breasts to psychoactive plant courses, UK-based duo speaks to PSFK about creating interactive pleasure experiences for a modern audience

Work february 23, 2015

Car Surfs Cement in Parking Lot Illusion

The attention-grabbing public art piece defies gravity with complex engineering

Sustainability december 11, 2014

Whimsical Handmade Paper Machine Explores Industrial Production

French artists Zim&Zou crafted the Creative Factory installation out of colored paper

IoT november 14, 2014

Google’s Nest Pop-Up Art Installation Warns of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

The company set up a translucent cube to raise awareness of the invisible and silent killers that can be found in one's home

Luxury november 12, 2014

Design Studio Installs Giant LED Screen as Interactive Ceiling

'Musings on a Glass Box' exhibit is set up at the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art by Diller Scofidio + Renfro

Arts & Culture november 11, 2014

Art Installation Turns Coca-Cola Back into Clean Drinking Water

‘The Real Thing’ brings attention to a global situation in which H20 can be harder to come by than the soft drink

Innovation november 5, 2014

Fog Installation to Celebrate San Francisco’s Unique Climate

Regardless of the weather forecast, city residents will be able to lose themselves in the mist during an April exhibition


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