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Hacked LCD Monitor Only Reveals Its Contents To Its Owner

Bra Unhooks By Clapping [Video]

  • 11 july 2013

Bike-Powered Generator Disguised As Patio Furniture [Video]

3D Printed Photos Can Be Seen By The Visually Impaired

Laser Cutter Carves Music Onto Wooden Records

Inkjet Printer Hacked To Make Biological Materials

3D Printed Records Provoke New Music Piracy Debate

Play 3D Printed ‘Vinyls’ On Fisher-Price’s Toy Record Player

DIY Business Card Hacks Your Vision To Make A Lasting Impression

DIY 3D Fluid Scanning Captures The World In Greater Depth [Video]

DIY 3rd Person Realtime Viewing

Project HALO Allows The Blind To Navigate Freely Without Assistance

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