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Technology november 18, 2016

This App Lets You Use Your Phone As A Drum Kit

Freedrum is an app that uses a pair of sensors attached to drumsticks to let musicians practice anytime, anywhere

Technology november 9, 2016

This Bendable Phone Is Actually A Musical Instrument

Bend this device any way you like to modulate sound and pitch

Design & Architecture july 19, 2016

Pocket Synth Uses Gameboy-Like Cartridges To Make Masterpieces

The modular instrument gives musicians an easy way to create music on the go

Work july 31, 2014

'ROY G BIV' Synthesizer App Transforms Colors into Music

Users can turn their environment into a musical production with a mobile device and the swipe of a finger

Arts & Culture july 10, 2014

Musical Instrument Interface Displays Complex, Layered Composition

Nomis by Jonathan Sparks makes loop-based music an expressive and visual experience.

Arts & Culture august 1, 2013

Tumblr Pokes Fun At Fashion's Trendy “It” Items [Pics]

Shit Bloggers Wear features sketches of the most ridiculous pieces that style bloggers all seem to be wearing.

Technology march 15, 2013

Sponge-Like Keyboard Is Mixer And Instrument In One [Video]

ROLI reveals the Seaboard GRAND at this year's SXSW event.

Arts & Culture october 25, 2012

Digital Harmonica Lets Users Play Any Sound With Their Breath [Video]

Jamboxx is a hands-free musical device that is versatile, fun, and easy to learn.

Design & Architecture july 10, 2012

Compose Music By Scanning Various Barcodes [Video]

Sample instrumental beats and notes with a handheld scanner.

Technology june 26, 2012

LED Guitar Teaches Users How To Play [Video]

This instruments shows you were to place to your fingers with embedded lighting strips on the frets.

Gaming & Play may 3, 2012

New Technology Will Map Out Pollution In 3D During The London Olympics

An advanced instrument can better measure how extra traffic affects air quality.

Cities april 12, 2012

Conductor Controls A Four-Story Pipe Organ Using Kinect [Video]

Programmer uses the gesture-based technology to hack an instrument for motion-based control.

Arts & Culture march 1, 2012

Microphone Lets You Create Music On Any Surface [Video]

Contact mic turns a tree, mirror or table into a musical instrument.

Sustainability january 23, 2012

Turntable Device Lets You Hear What A Tree Sounds Like [Video]

This innovation translates wood data from the rings of trees into different piano melodies.


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