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Work november 13, 2014

3D Print an Entire Musical Instrument Collection

Makers can now download printable files for functional percussion instruments from Thingiverse

Technology september 29, 2014

Acoustic Guitar Aesthetic That Offers Digital Effects

ToneWood-Amp, or Twamp, is a phone-sized box that lets electric guitarists get the effects they want from an acoustic instrument

Technology january 8, 2014

Circuit Boards Turn Any Object Into An Electronic Instrument [Video]

Ototo lets you build musical instruments with minimal knowledge.

Mobile october 9, 2013

Electrically Charged Ink Plays Songs Like Musical Instruments [Pics]

The music kit that allows kids to draw their own musical instruments and compose their own symphonies.

Arts & Culture september 17, 2013

Volcanic Ash Keyboards Imagine Technology From The Distant Past [Pics]

Pharrell Williams and artist Daniel Arsham collaborate to create a set of fossilized instruments.

Design & Architecture february 8, 2013

Instruments Use Natural Human Movements To Make Music [Video]

Pietr-Jan Pietr's Sound on Intuition lets you march to the beat of your own heart.

Cities december 13, 2012

Child Orchestra Performs With Instruments Made Of Trash

Kids in Paraguay learn to play music using repurposed trash from surrounding landfills.

Technology november 13, 2012

Hand-Held Scanner Plays Sheet Music In Real-Time

The Gocen is a small device that can translate handwritten notes into music and can even change instruments.

Arts & Culture november 9, 2012

Compose A Song With Friends On Google Chrome With New ‘Jam’ Tool

The new experiment lets you create live music with up to three people in different locations.

Work september 14, 2012

Projecting Illuminated Art & The First Electric Instrument [PechaKucha]

Today's journey through the PechaKucha archives bring uncover presentations that traces the unveiling of the first electronic instrument dating back to 1750.

Arts & Culture july 23, 2010

Instrument Uses Ball Bearings To Generate Music

Bearings Glocken is a Japanese made instrument that automatically plays the glockenspiel.

Design & Architecture september 25, 2009

(Video) Mutant Instrument: Diego Stocco’s Experibass

Genius sound designer Diego Stocco has come up with yet another innovative project.

Arts & Culture april 15, 2009
Design & Architecture march 27, 2009

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