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Technology december 20, 2012

Is The Entertainment Industry Actually Causing Piracy?

Cory Doctorow discusses how If companies refuse to release films or TV shows in US and UK at same time, they only have themselves to blame for piracy.

Work december 18, 2012

UK Police Setting Up Intellectual Property Crime Unit

New measures are aimed at specifically prosecuting copyright infringement.

Luxury november 15, 2012

Will New Law Banning Fakes Damage The Design World?

A new copyright bill will signal the demise of classic furniture knock-offs but what effects will it have in the world of publishing and fashion?

Innovation september 4, 2012

Is Ownership Meaningless In The Digital Era?

As Bruce Willis has reportedly discovered, your ebooks and i-tunes last as long as you do and essentially no longer.

Mobile august 27, 2012

Which Phones Would Samsung Have To Stop Selling If Apple Forces Ban?

Graphic shows the impact Apple will make with ban on sales of Samsung phones that infringe its patents.

Retail july 17, 2012

Did Marks & Spencer Steal A Local Artist's Designs?

Rachel Taylor is urging major retailers like John Lewis and Selfridges to sign a petition by the Anti-Copying in Design Group to protect independent UK designers.

Gaming & Play october 28, 2011

Sony Buys Out Ericsson For $1.5 Billion [Headlines]

The deal will enable better integration between smartphones and other devices and benefit the music label, Playstation, and movie studio.

Arts & Culture october 11, 2011

Premier League Loses Fight For Intellectual Property Rights [Headlines]

The European court of justice ruled that events within a match cannot be copyrighted.

Luxury august 19, 2011

Kodak Patent Looking For A Buyer [Headlines]

The photographic supplies company is selling its patent. Speculators believe Kodak could be in for a deal with a 26% gain.

Design & Architecture november 24, 2010

Become An Intellectual Property Donor And Your Ideas Will Live Forever

Evan Roth advocates a new kind of donation to let your ideas live on and contribute to the society.

Technology november 11, 2010

The Future Of 3D Printing & Intellectual Property

Will the advent of 3D printing change the way we manufacture objects?

Work august 23, 2010

Ad Agency Seeks To Revive The New York Cosmos

Anomaly uses its creative resources in an attempt to bring back the Major League Soccer team.

Retail june 7, 2010

Chinese Shanzhai Industry May Be Leading Consumer Electronics Innovation

The manufacturers of counterfeit products may in fact be pushing technological development faster then legitimate companies.

Technology may 19, 2010

(Video) Intellectual Property In Today's Digital Age

A short film featuring opinions of creative artists and scholars on copyright and intellectual property.


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