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Advertising april 11, 2016

Why Human Behavior Is At The Center Of Every Successful Advertising Campaign

This Seattle agency creates content by leveraging human-to-human interaction

Technology january 7, 2014

Eye-Tracking Controller Offers Players Intensely Immersive Play

The technology could change the way we think about a fine-grained user interface.

Technology august 9, 2013

Kinect Turns Water Into A Touchscreen Display [Video]

Japanese researchers used a depth sensor and a projector to create the AquaTop Display, which enables users to interact with virtual objects.

Retail august 5, 2013

Brands Offer Prizes To Instagrammers With The Most Ad-Worthy Photos

New app offers rewards to users who let companies use their personal pictures in their campaigns.

IoT june 19, 2013

AR Glasses Show Teachers Which Students Need Help In Class [Video]

The Augmented Lecture Feedback System enables kids to communicate privately with teachers without interrupting the lesson.

Work may 17, 2013

Crowdsourced Street Art Stencils New Yorkers' Ideas On The Ground

Art group collaborate with local citizens to spread positives messages in a one-of-a-kind project.

Design & Architecture april 9, 2013

Boutique Caterer Encourages Diners To Play With Their Food

Pinch Plated is a new initiative by a creative NYC culinary team that offers interactive courses for diners.

Mobile april 4, 2013

Mobile Coffee Shop Aims To Bring Back The Social Cafe

Java purveyors have become silent work spaces in this age of nomadic creatives, Public Coffee is creating a place for conversation.

Design & Architecture december 28, 2012

One Day...Coffee Machines Will Be Able To Communicate With Humans

Interaction designer Katrin Baumgarten imagines a future where machines will have more human qualities.

Advertising december 27, 2012

How Bing Adds Human Touch For A Richer User Interface On The Web [Video]

Stephanie Horstmanshof and Kristin Dean trace the company's trajectory from a plain white interface to an interactive and colorful multimedia one.

Work december 24, 2012

Living At The Intersection Between Physical And Digital [Video]

Josh Walton discusses how the designs at Rockwell Group are about finding and exploring the blur between physical and digital.

Syndicated december 12, 2012

Glasses Let Paralyzed Patients Send Emails By Blinking

Eyewear equipped with cameras translate eye movements into computer input, replacing the need for a mouse or keyboard.

Home june 1, 2012

BBC Augmented Reality Brings Arctic Animals To Life In Local Malls [Video]

Passersby had the opportunity to interact with 3D penguins and polar bears.

Gaming & Play may 25, 2012

Online Dating Site Integrates Game Play Into Matchmaking is introducing seven games this summer designed to help members figure out whether they have chemistry together before going on a date.


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