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Social Media august 17, 2016

Sony Pictures Launches Snapchat’s First 360-Degree Video Ad

The movie Don't Breathe allows audiences to immerse themselves in the story through the messaging app

Technology june 22, 2016

Turn Your Boring Run Into An Action Movie

A fitness app aims to turn mundane exercise routines into an entertaining activity

Design & Architecture june 21, 2016

Lobby Transformed Into An Interactive Kaleidoscopic Space

Rockwell Group LAB is bringing a unique and playful perspective to their new installation in New York City

Retail june 15, 2016

These Interactive Dresses Stop Moving When They Sense Your Reaction

Garments mimic microbial life with just one catch: they'll stop moving depending on emotional or physical response

Arts & Culture may 12, 2016

This Interactive Mural Changes as Viewers Approach It

Transparent Seas is a public art piece exploring the vast oceans of our planet

Design & Architecture april 6, 2016

Interactive Kinetic Ceiling Breathes New Life Into Architectural Design

A responsive ceiling responds to the interaction between architecture and the human body

How interactive music videos empower listeners to choose their own melodies (TechCrunch)
Design & Architecture march 28, 2016

Watch Turns Telling Time into an Interactive Experience

This watch's sculptured design adds depth to a simple timepiece

IoT march 11, 2016

Some Hungry Virtual Architects Built A KFC In Minecraft

Finger lickin' good chicken, now available in polygonal form

Work september 17, 2015

The Robot Assistant of Your Dreams Becomes Reality

Telepresence robot allows user to interact, rather than just passively participate, thanks to extendable limbs

Sustainability september 17, 2015

How a Museum’s 45-Foot Virtual Waterfall Can Inspire Sustainability

New York Hall of Science exhibit encourages visitors to consider how their actions impact ecosystems worldwide

Cities november 26, 2014
Mobile november 26, 2014

Help Defend (or Destroy) Middle-Earth in a New, Interactive ‘Hobbit’ Experience

In the collaborative online world, users can tour the Shire, solve riddles in Rivendell and feast on manflesh in battle

Design & Architecture november 3, 2014

Get Hands-On Sculpture Education with Interactive Pop-Up Book

'You Call That Art?!' challenges readers to build their own masterpieces


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