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Technology february 3, 2014

Digital Airport Information Kiosks Help Travelers Explore Their Destination City

Instead of the standard displays, the Flight Deck at SFO connects visitors w/ the airport’s amenities through interactive design.

Work may 24, 2013

Stereo Is Controlled By Phone Movement [Video]

By sliding a phone right or left music will start and stop.

Work march 29, 2013

Technology Makes Dancers Looks Like They Are Performing With Ghosts

Lights become an integral part of the performance as they mimic the dancer's movements.

Design & Architecture november 20, 2012

Talking Street Signs Help Tourists Pronounce Danish Street Names

Design students created karaoke-style electronic signs to teach visitors the pronunciation of Copenhagen roads.

IoT october 28, 2012

Rockwell Architects On The Digital Storytelling Through Physical Space [PSFK SAN FRANCISCO]

Co-chiefs of the LAB at leading design firm explore how interactive technology can bridge the gap between digital and physical environments.

Mobile may 22, 2012

Mechanical Coat Rack Moves When A Jacket Is Removed [Video]

Nicole Schindelholz's mobile-like interactive hanging device responds to items being placed on it and taken off.

Technology september 27, 2011

Floating Forecaster Turns The Weather Into A Physical Visualization

Not only does Poietic's Floating Forecaster visualize weather it is also interactive and can play music.

IoT july 19, 2011

Plick Turns Everyday Objects Into Programmable Toys

Gabriel Paciornik's project is both an engaging and creative way of exploring interactivity in everyday objects.

Retail october 19, 2010

Viscom tec 10: From Interactive To Science-Fiction Design

PSFK talks to Interactive Art Director Julian Koschwitz about his work, and what he'll be discussing at the upcoming viscom tec 10 conference.

Advertising june 29, 2010

Choose Your Own Adventure: Touching Stories Brings Interactive Film To The iPad

The interactive movie opens opportunities for branded application - and have implications for storytelling and entertainment properties in general.

Arts & Culture february 19, 2010

Interactive Data Visualizations: Experiencing Abstract Information

Designers Jochen Winker and Stefan Kuzaj work with the visualization of data, and have been developing innovative models for absorbing complex information.

Sustainability november 10, 2009

Natural Fuse: Towards Designing a Carbon-Neutral System

If given the opportunity to participate in a carbon-neutral system, will people be selfless or selfish?


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