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Retail may 5, 2014

Perfume Scientists Turn Shoppers' Movements Into A Custom Scent

Selfridges offers an audio-guided installation that ends with a perfume being created based on people's reactions to the space.

IoT november 26, 2013

Volkswagen App Converts Driving Patterns Into Enjoyable Music [Video]

VW and Underworld have created an app that turns the driver into a musician.

Technology april 26, 2013

Nissan Helps Facebook Fans Create And Share Their Own Celebrity Ads

The 'Impress With Sentra' campaign is an interactive Facebook experience where fans can make a personalized video featuring Omar Epps.

Technology january 30, 2013

40-Foot Touch Screen Lets Visitors Discover Museum Collections

The Cleveland Museum of Art has installed the 'Collection Wall' that will allow visitors to customize tours and download them onto iPads.

Work january 29, 2013

Pool Party Guests Swim With 65,000 Interactive Ping Pong Balls [Video]

Audio-reactive visuals create water experience for UrbanDaddy promotion.

Home november 26, 2012

Children's Fairytale Becomes An Action Adventure On The iPad [Video]

This app from PB&J Publishing lets kids play with Hansel and Gretel on-screen as they move through the narrative.

Advertising september 21, 2012

Heineken Interactive Game Turns Anyone Into James Bond

The new campaign includes an ad featuring Daniel Craig and an interactive experience that invites players to 'crack the code' in order to open a briefcase.

Arts & Culture august 8, 2012

Google Creates 3D, Interactive Version Of Versailles

This Chrome Experiment is an in-browser tour of the Palace of Versailles called 'Chaos to Perfection', which takes users to places like the Grand Canal and the Hall of Mirrors.

Work may 17, 2012

Microsoft: What Is The Future Of Business?

The new cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 can give startups the tools they need to succeed.

Advertising april 18, 2012

Cars Used As Game Controllers In A Giant Version Of Pong [Video]

Test drive event helps brand the Smart Fortwo electric drive as a fun car, not just an eco-friendly car.

Innovation february 3, 2012

Interactive Algae Farm Relies On Visitors To Help It Grow

H.O.R.T.U.S. features hanging bags of algae, which can be used for bio-oil, cooking and weaving.

Technology december 21, 2011

Honda Civic Interactive 360º Film Invites Viewers To Explore Alaskan Ice Caves & Underwater Art Museums

"Off the Grid" was created by Wieden + Kennedy to support the launch of the new 2012 model.

Design & Architecture june 29, 2010

Choose Your Own Adventure: Touching Stories Brings Interactive Film To The iPad

The interactive movie opens opportunities for branded application - and have implications for storytelling and entertainment properties in general.


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