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Gaming & Play july 20, 2016

This Sidewalk Will Sing As You Dance With Your Shadow

An interactive installation compromised of motion-activated tiles and sensors encourages passersby to move with its changing sound system

Technology may 7, 2014

Interactive Holographic Human Does Whatever Twitter Commands Him To

A tweet-powered hologram was placed in a storefront in central London, where passersby could tweet actions in real-time.

Design & Architecture may 5, 2014

Electronic Baton Lets Anyone Be The Conductor Of A Virtual Symphony

The Mendelssohn Effektorium is an interactive installation that lets museum visitors control a virtual symphony with a special baton.

Work january 9, 2014

Abandoned Gas Station Reborn As Pop Art Installation [Pics]

Graffiti artist Maser has transformed the site in Ireland into an interactive installation, inspired by artist Ed Ruscha.

Technology november 15, 2013

Video Game Installation Combines Physical And Digital Play [Video]

RoRoD is a version of the classic brick-eliminating Breakout game that requires players to bounce a real ball against a digital display.

Work july 2, 2013

Kinect Installation Lets Visitors Control A Living Human Cell [Video]

New interactive project aims to put the fun back into learning.

Cities july 1, 2013

Interactive Installation Capture Visitors In A Virtual Snowstorm [Video]

In Ghost, visitors are recorded on camera and then added to a swirling blizzard installation.

Advertising june 27, 2013

Olympic Pool Transforms Twitter Emoticons Into Glowing Light Show [Pics]

Beijing’s Water Cube portrays real-time painting of China’s mood.

Design & Architecture june 5, 2013

3D Printed Sculpture Mirrors Visitors' Silhouettes [Video]

The lobby of Platige Image’s company headquarters contains an interactive installation that can also display employees' creative content.

Sustainability february 25, 2013

Cracks Of Light Create Interactive Gallery Experience [Pics]

Chris Fraser places slots and holes in walls to manipulate the light source, creating a variety of shapes and designs.

Mobile february 7, 2013

Synchronized Porta-Potties Create Music When In Use [Video]

Created for Personal Fest, a music festival in Argentina, ordinary-looking toilets were ‘hacked’ to perform a tune together.

Design & Architecture december 18, 2012

Hospital’s Wallpaper Is A Game For Sick Children

The Nature Trail at Great Ormond Street Hospital is designed to make the medical experience more child-friendly.

Arts & Culture december 7, 2012

Fortune-Telling Dog Sculpture Takes Over Miami Hotel [Video]

For Art Basel Miami Beach, Perrier teamed up with artist Desi Santiago to turn the Lords South Beach Hotel into a giant interactive installation.

Technology december 3, 2012

Video Game Maps Players’ Moves On A Real-Time, Interactive Wall

Lunar Trails is an installation that lets you play the 1979 game Lunar Lander and sketches the path you take.


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