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Technology june 17, 2016

Interactive Map Shows The Origin Of Your Food

Researchers create interactive visuals to depict how food travels great distances to reach a plate

Arts & Culture june 1, 2016

An Interactive Map Serves To Protect Cultural Sites

How data can be utilized to possibly prevent future attacks on historical landmarks

Cities december 29, 2013

Apple To Add Extra Layer Of Interactivity To Maps App

Apple has filed a patent that features an “Interactive Map” with many layers, where users can view different info over one map.

Technology november 26, 2013

Google Maps Out Tolkien’s Mythical Lands

Google and Warner Bros. Pictures have created a Chrome Experiment that maps out and provides a guide to the world of the Hobbit.

Design & Architecture october 8, 2013

Colorful Maps Reveal Building Ages In Global Cities

Inspired by one another, graphic designers the world over have used datasets to create color-coded guides.

Sustainability october 3, 2013

Google Map Calms Down Anxious Travelers With Real-Time Amtrak Schedules

New tool lets you keep track of over 300 daily trains across the country.

Innovation september 4, 2013

10 Stories You Need To Know Today

US hospital to treat Internet addicts, camera that calculates calories of a meal and an app that schedules your tweets to be deleted.

Advertising august 29, 2013

Online Matchmaker Pairs Designers With Nearby 3D Printer Owners [Video]

New business brings 3D printing a step further to mass consumption.

Cities june 21, 2013

Interactive Map Exposes The Worst Air Pollution Zones In Los Angeles

Map visualizes sources of pollution in the city and is overlaid with places in the community that are most vulnerable.

Arts & Culture march 11, 2013

London Zoo Seeks To Map Out Cats Of The World

Promoting their new tiger sanctuary, ZSL created an interactive map to build a comprehensive survey of the global cat population.

Design & Architecture july 28, 2012

Go Inside Olympic Park Venues With 360° Panoramic Views

The Guardian has created an interactive map that lets users explore the Olympic stadium, Velodrome, Aquatics Centre, and other locations in 3D.

Technology april 16, 2012

The Fate Of Titanic Passengers Revealed On Interactive Map

The hometown, class and survival of the 1,317 people on board is mapped to help people find out about the individuals on board.

Sustainability october 18, 2011

Nonprofit Group Launches Environmental Incident Map

SkyTruth's real-time alert system tracks pollution events across the United States.

Innovation october 17, 2011

Which Intersection In New York Is The Most Dangerous For Pedestrians?

CrashStat is an interactive map that point out intersections in New York with the most road accidents.


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