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Arts & Culture march 31, 2016

Illustrated Music Video Lets Viewers Change the Story in Different Ways

Decide on love or heartbreak in interactive Jeff Buckley cover of "Just Like A Woman"

Technology february 21, 2014

Band Releases New Track As A Playable Video Game Level [Pics]

Archie Pelago give fans a chance to explore the worlds they create with music.

Technology august 21, 2013

Interactive Music Video Turns Facebook Pages Into A Hawk [Video]

Big Data’s 'FaceHawk' pulls data from a user's page to create a unique music video, reminding them how much data they reveal online.

Luxury july 9, 2012

Interactive Music Video Looks Like Texts Between You & Facebook Friends

MNDR puts fans in their video using data from the social network to create a personalized exchange on the iPhone and a truly tailored experience.

Arts & Culture july 27, 2011

'Forget Me Not' Music Video Is An Interactive Blast From The Past

The interactive music video for Smolik's and Emmanuelle Seigner's new single Forget Me Not is a collage of classic sci-fi film footage

Technology july 19, 2011

The Polyphonic Spree Creates An Interactive Music Video For iPhone And iPad

Bullseye is a story based music video that immerses users in a world they can control.

Cities february 4, 2011

The Streets Tweet Interactive Choose Your Own Adventure Music Video

'Computer and Blues' is a series of interactive music videos by The Streets, where the viewer is taken on an interactive adventure.

Home october 29, 2010

Interactive iPhone Music Video App Celebrates Love

Cassius, a french house music duo, releases an interactive tie-in for their latest song.


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