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[Inspiration] Avery Dennison shares their vision for the future of IoT clothing
Design & Architecture june 3, 2016

Visualize, Create And Explore Your Own Musical Melodies

This interactive game offers both musicians and non-musicians the chance to see and make music

Mobile january 3, 2014

Synth Artist Builds Instruments From Old Phone Switchboards

One artist saw a unique connection between an obsolete technology and a retro one.

Technology may 17, 2013

Trackable Box Storage Does Away With The Traditional Locker

Boxbee allows users to manage their boxes using a web interface and mobile app, and retrieve them when needed.

Advertising december 27, 2012

How Bing Adds Human Touch For A Richer User Interface On The Web [Video]

Stephanie Horstmanshof and Kristin Dean trace the company's trajectory from a plain white interface to an interactive and colorful multimedia one.

Technology october 5, 2011

Comparing Facebook’s Mass Appeal To Twitter’s Niche Appeal

What enabled Facebook to become more popular than Twitter? What does Twitter need to do to grow like Facebook?

Retail september 7, 2011

Amazon Redesigns Website To Be Tablet-Friendly

Redesigned Amazon site will be tablet-optimized and include a much more intuitive interface.

Innovation august 16, 2011

TabCo Tablet Offers More Than The iPad

The enigmatic computer company TabCo promises new innovations in tablet computer technology that is competitive to Apple's iPad.

Mobile july 27, 2011

Help Wanted: Senior Interaction Designer [Jobs We Love]

If you’re looking for a creative job (or need to find help), we recommend that you check out PSFK’s job listings regularly. Here is a new job at Smart Design, in Barcelona, Spain just listed on the service.

Technology july 13, 2011

Tactile Pixels Send Us Towards Sensual Software Interaction

Haptic interaction with technology could take giant leap forward thanks to Senseg's 'tixels.'

Technology june 17, 2011

Haptic Hacking Means There’s Life In The Old Mouse Yet [Video]

Old hardware provides insight for new ways for us to get in touch with software.

Advertising april 8, 2011

Three Liveshop Adds A New Dimension To Online Customer Service [Video]

Touchscreens and video chat augment the online shopping experience.

Cities april 7, 2011

Holocube Streamlines The Photo Booth Experience With A Snapshot ATM

A new mobile photobooth uses digital technology to transform the photo booth into a user friendly transaction.

Arts & Culture march 18, 2011

Understanding Our Emotional Responses To Automata

A simple experiment in computer - environment interaction explores how easy it is to toy with our emotions via technology.


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