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Travel october 19, 2016

This Tokyo Office Is A Completely Minimal And Adaptive Workplace

An interior design firm has created the versatile space by stripping away everything but the essentials

Education september 15, 2016

Meet The Culture School For The Insatiably Curious

With a twist on the conventional liberal arts education, this startup school intends on facilitating multi-dimensional learning

Sustainability august 29, 2016

Movable Vacation House Constructed Using Concrete Boxes

The 4,000 square foot building is made up of modular frames so it can be relocated if needed due to coastline erosion

Travel july 27, 2016

Train Strap Design Provides Safety And Comfort Even In Crowded Carriages

An elliptical ring with an ergonomic grip creates a better experience for passengers in transit

Home july 21, 2016

This Furniture Is Made From Woven Seaweed

A Dutch designer has used the aquatic plant to create a sustainable and attractive line of home furnishings

Design & Architecture june 6, 2016

An Adjustable Sofa That Can Form To Everyone’s Idea Of Comfort

This sofa's shapeshifting abilities at ICFF allow for soft or firm seat feel

Op-Ed may 11, 2016

AR Expert Strategist: How Innovative Technology Is Shaping The Future Of Interior Design

Augmented reality, online communities and 3D printing all play a role in today's designer handbook

Arts & Culture may 6, 2016

Turn Your Spare Walls Into An Independent Art Gallery

A Boston-based startup is bringing homeowners and local artists closer together

Design & Architecture april 20, 2016

How VR Can Revolutionize Home Building

ICE 3D architectural design software allows clients to explore construction projects virtually

Design & Architecture april 14, 2016

These Designers Reinvent The Humble Bathroom Faucet

Future-thinking faucets that are far from your standard models

Appleā€™s newest stores are inspired by small-town window shopping (Apple Insider)
In X-Works 2.0, five students design products for Lammhults
Work march 4, 2016

The Three Elements Essential to Styling Interior Furniture Scenes

ArkDes museum shows design professionals the importance of styled shoots

Mobile march 2, 2016

Fidget in This Chair to Charge Your Phone

This chair creates electricity through the user's movement


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