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International Contemporary Furniture Fair
Work september 1, 2015

Combat Space Concerns with Furniture That Folds in Seconds

The Ollie Collection from RockPaperRobot features a transformable chair and table that tucks away accordion-like

Advertising june 9, 2013

Dave Pinter: Top Color Ideas In Design

At New York's Design Week this year, furniture pieces exhibited offer a color commentary.

Mobile may 26, 2013

Dave Pinter: 5 Ways To Create A Better Design Fair

While celebrating its 25th anniversary, ICFF needs a new strategic plan and more efficient use of technology.

Design & Architecture may 13, 2013

Eco-Friendly Floor Light Lasts For Over 37 Years

Designer Jake Dyson's CSYS Tall LED light is a modern and sustainable floor lamp.

Work june 16, 2012

PSFK’s 2012 Design Week Review: Wire Furniture Is The New Wood

We round-up the most interesting themes and designs from this year's International Contemporary Furniture Festival and the surrounding exhibitions.

Design & Architecture may 26, 2012

Reimagined Light Switch Covers Make Use Of Underutilized Space [NY Design Week 2012]

Modular covers on light switches create convenient storage spaces in the least interfering way.

Work may 26, 2012

Vitra Introduces Chair Designs Inspired By Extreme Sports [NY Design Week 2012]

The Swiss furniture company's new chairs evoke the undercarriage of a paraglider with a hanging, suspended seat.

Arts & Culture may 26, 2012

Scientifically Modified Patio Furniture Won’t Shrink Or Swell [NY Design Week 2012]

An innovative organic process augments wood, making it three times more resistant than shrinking and swelling, and 25% stronger.

Arts & Culture may 24, 2012

Herman Miller Gets Students To Create Office Furniture For Privacy And Comfort [NY Design Week 2012]

Pupils from the Cranbrook Academy of Art presented their concepts for rest and relaxation in the workplace at ICFF in New York.

Sustainability may 18, 2011

Thoughts On The Future Of Design [Pics]

A synopsis and gallery of our recent New York City salon which focused on ICFF and recent design trends

Home may 17, 2011

The Classroom Of The Future, A Minimalist Kitchen & Modular Storage: ICFF 2011 Design Highlights

PSFK spotlights our top design pics from the 2011 International Contemporary Furniture Fair.

Work may 14, 2011

Download PSFK’s Map To ICFF

We've designed a helpful downloadable map to highlight a selection of the best innovative work from the ICFF.

Mobile may 14, 2011

ICFF Designers: Christoffer Angell

The value of collaborative brainstorming and the importance of creating beautiful, durable, basic tools is highlighted by one of the partners from the Angell Wyller Aarseth design firm.

Luxury may 14, 2011

ICFF Designers: Karim Rashid

The iconic designer talks about recent work and shares insights about his design process and inspirations.


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