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Work march 18, 2016

3D Printing Hardware Supplies In SPAAAAACE

Lowe's to send commercial 3D printer to International Space Station

Technology august 12, 2015

Turn Yourself Into an Astronaut (With a Little Help from Virtual Reality)

With the help of SpaceVR's Overview One program, everyone will see the Pale Blue Dot from space

Work august 7, 2015

NASA Grew This Lettuce in Space

Soon, astronauts will enjoy fresh salads aboard the International Space Station

Arts & Culture march 26, 2014

View From Space Reveals What’s Trending On Earth

National Geographic Channel taps into different social media channels to create a hyper-connected view of our planet.

Home february 12, 2014

Small Computer Tweets Location Of The International Space Station

A Raspberry Pi device pings users whenever the ISS is directly over their heads.

Luxury december 12, 2013

12 Things You Need to Know Today

JetBlue is finally launching Wifi, public Wi-Fi comes to Harlem, and Norway's public library is putting all its books online for free.

Innovation july 22, 2013

Zero Gravity Cup Helps Astronauts Drink Coffee In Space

NASA has patented and developed a drink receptacle that contains a sharp interior corner on one side.

Luxury june 26, 2013

Artist Simulates Russian Space Flight

Artist Bradley Pitts uses his training as both an artist and an MIT Aeronautics grad to create a mind-expanding visual installation.

Advertising march 21, 2013

Shepard Fairey Designs Logo For International Space Station [Video]

Well-known street artist designs a badge for ISS' new mission.

Technology december 5, 2012

Robot Companions Keep Astronauts Company In Outer Space

The Kibo Robot Project is working to build an android capable of conversation and that can recognize specific faces.

Work october 28, 2012

Exoskeleton Could Help Astronauts Run A Marathon In Space

The X1 device may someday be integral for maintaining peak physical condition during deep-space missions, as well as enabling those with impaired mobility here on Earth to walk again.

Technology september 19, 2012

Interactive Live Feed From Outer Space Could Create Global Reality TV Show

UrtheCast will mount two cameras on the International Space Station for a high definition video stream of planet earth in real-time

Travel may 9, 2012

NASA Hold Competition To Find Space Shuttle Alternative [Headlines]

After canceling the initiative, NASA pays nearly $60M a seat on the Russian Soyuz rocket to transport supplies and astronauts to the International Space Station.

october 25, 2010

Foursquare User ‘Checks’ Into Space

A NASA astronaut uses the popular location-based social network 220 miles above the Earth.


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