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Technology november 11, 2013

Internet Explorer Hires Anime Mascot To Fight Viruses [Video]

Inori Aizawa gives the world's most popular browser an image makeover to attract new users.

Technology january 25, 2013

Nostalgic Internet Explorer Ads Appeal To Children Of The 90s

In their latest attempt to woo back customers, Microsoft's browser offers a trip down memory lane to its frist users and the chance to reconnect.

Innovation december 11, 2012

Microsoft Ads Acknowledge People 'Hate' Internet Explorer

In the new campaign ‘The Browser You Loved To Hate,’ the company uses people's common complaints to highlight the improved web browser. of IE10

Work september 12, 2012

Band Shares Album With A Single Fan & Tracks How Long It Takes To Go Viral

The xx collaborated with Microsoft to create a site with a visualization that shows how 'Coexist' was digitally shared from just one person.

Technology july 4, 2012

Chrome Set To Eclipse Firefox As World's Second Most Popular Browser [Headlines]

Google is has the most popular web browser. Leading research puts it at number three, but not for long.

Technology may 21, 2012

Google Chrome Becomes #1 Web Browser [Headlines]

For the first time, Chrome edges out Internet Explorer for a full week, demanding nearly 1/3 of market share.

august 4, 2011

Google Chrome Is The UK's Second Most Popular Browser [Headlines]

Google Chrome's 22% hold on internet browsers shows that its popularity is creeping up to Internet Explorer's #1 spot in the UK.

Arts & Culture march 31, 2011

Internet Explorer 9 "Is" Most Energy-Efficient Web Browser

Microsoft took the top five most popular browsers (Chrome 10, Firefox 4, Safari 5, Opera 11 and Internet Explorer 9) and ran them through several test to see how they measured up. Engadget

Innovation may 14, 2009

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