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Travel march 14, 2016

The Folding Bike Gets Connected to the Internet of Things

What happens when you combine a bicycle with the power of the world's data?

Work february 1, 2016

AI That Wants to Read Your Mind and Run Your Life

The team behind Siri has a new idea

Gaming & Play january 22, 2016

In the Wake of a Changing World, Intel Reemerges as an Experience Company

Intel seeks to reinvent its image in a changing marketplace, rolling out an ambitious campaign that remind us of their place in our lives

Health january 21, 2016

Doctor Check-Ins Can Be as Easy as Unlocking an iPhone

Cut patient’s wait time by up to 80 percent

Technology january 6, 2016

The Internet of Things Becomes the Location of Things [CES 2016]

These tags, featured at #CES2016, will tell you exactly where you left your keys or pets

Work january 5, 2016

Intermingling With a Home That Eventually Automates Itself

PSFK interviews Jeff Bartenbach, the Head of User Experience at Wink, a connected home company that sells a range of unified utilities, and that values meaning over swiftness

Home november 9, 2015

Search Engine for the Internet Of Things Visualizes Our Connected World

Thingful is here to do what Google does best with a focus on providing users with information on data within the connected world

Syndicated july 27, 2015

Countering the Internet of Things’ Flow Toward Centralization

Current approaches to the Internet of Things rely on centralized structures—which are creating concerns about power, dominance and control

Retail july 13, 2015

Familiarize Yourself with the Internet of Things at Target’s Connected Home Lab

Target Open House is the brand's retail space (and laboratory) showcasing smarthome technology

Innovation july 9, 2015

How Can Brands Rethink Content for the Internet of Things?

As products tap into a more connected world, brands should define an experience for customers before dealing with technology and content

Gaming & Play june 1, 2015

Lenovo’s Smart Shoes Display Your Mood on Tiny Screen

The concept, teased at a global Tech World conference, can also track and analyze fitness data

Technology may 25, 2015

Jawbone VP on Using Data at Best Moments to Fuel Personal Improvement [PSFK 2015]

Jawbone, designer of health-oriented wearables, is reframing the way we look at our gadgets, with a focus on you

Editors Pick may 25, 2015

PSFK Launches The Future of Connected Life Report

A guide for brands to respond to the changing needs of their customers so that we can all live more happy, healthy, and productive lives

Work may 25, 2015

Thriving in a Constantly Connected World

12 trends tell the story of how we can navigate our increasingly complex relationships with our devices and the ever-connected lives they give us


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