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Technology march 5, 2013

Guardian U.S. Ad Campaign Highlights Explosive Societal Issues

'VoiceYourView' presents opposing viewpoints of political issues in illustrations that can be flipped upside down.

Technology september 6, 2012

Secure.Me Ensures Facebook Apps Aren’t Encroaching On Your Privacy

The site's 'App Advisor' shields consumers from apps linked to their social profiles that can unknowingly track data like location and behavior.

october 31, 2011

Has The Internet Changed The Way We Treat Death? [Headlines]

Social networking sites allow us to maintain a web presence long after death.

Arts & Culture august 12, 2010

Google Alarm Looks To Make Data Mining A More Transparent Experience

Media artist Jamie Dubs questions privacy in the age of shared information with a new plug-in.

Cities july 21, 2010

World’s First Anonymous ISP To Open In Sweden

The Pirate Party plans to offer anonymous broadband service in the name of Internet privacy, and knowledge sharing.

Gaming & Play july 12, 2010

Real Life Versus The Internet, The Importance Of Anonymity

Recent developments have users up in arms about privacy policies on social networks and online games.


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