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Design & Architecture december 18, 2015

A Simple Bag Helps You Save the Water Wasted for Your Hot Shower

Nifty invention makes sure every drop of clear water counts, even if its not warm enough just yet

Technology november 26, 2014

Coin Flipper Transforms a Simple Task Into an Unexpected Interaction

Programming and robotics reinvent an otherwise ordinary human movement

Arts & Culture august 20, 2013

Hacked Old Spice Deodorant Plays Music When Opened [Video]

11-year-old Quinn Sheeran disassembled and repurposed the electronics from a birthday card to make the deodorant play the 'Rocky' theme.

Innovation june 14, 2013

Square Skateboard Wheels Won't Stop Rolling

SharkWheel’s helix cube-like shape is balanced in such a way to promote continuous movement on any surface.

Mobile june 7, 2013

Music Note Identifier May Lead To Earlier Parkinson’s Diagnosis

New technology can identify the Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods after 'hearing' only three notes.

Work may 30, 2013

Paper Humidifier Flower Works Without Electricity

A portable and aesthetic innovation to help prevent overly dry environments.

Technology december 18, 2012

14 Year Old Girl Develops Solar-Powered Water Purifier

Deepika Kurup won $25,000 for her invention in the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Competition.

Technology december 11, 2012

Next-Generation Handcuffs Could Sedate & Zap Detainees

Patented apparatus would administer drugs and electric shocks.

Arts & Culture november 14, 2012

Artist Creates Real Clouds Indoors [Pics]

Berndnaut Smilde creates the clouds by carefully regulating humidity, temperature, and light in the space.

june 27, 2012

Inflatable Cast Immobilizes Injured Area Within Seconds [Video]

A blow up stabilizing bandage can stabilize a broken bone, sprain, and heavy bleeding.

april 27, 2012

Samsung's Implantable Medical Device Could Be Used To Monitor Your Brain

Samsung has applied for a patent on a device that communicates a person's physiological and pathological state.

Technology march 1, 2012

Affordable 3D Printer Costs Less Than An iPad

High-tech gadget that was only available to designers, now goes mainstream.

Luxury february 13, 2012

Future Of Medicine May Have You Swallowing Super Fast Nano-Rockets

New remedy delivery system could travel incredibly fast using only our stomach acid to propel itself.

Luxury february 9, 2012

Good Vibrations: Electronic Bodysuit Helps Patients With Nerve Disorders

The Elektrodress started out as a concept on the Swedish TV show "Dragon's Den", and will help individuals improve mobility and relaxation.


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