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[News] Venture firm Sequoia Capital hires first female investing partner
Technology august 22, 2016

Vertical Farm In Wyoming Will Offer Fresh Local Produce All Year Round

The multi-story operation will harvest a greater amount of fruits and vegetables in a controlled environment

Retail july 25, 2016

How Micro-Investments Can Be Made Available To Everyone

Republic is a new crowdfunding platform that lets any person become an angel investor in startup ventures

Mobile july 18, 2016

Apple's New Reality Show Developed For App Creators

Casting calls are now open for Planet of the Apps, a new series that will offer marketing and funding to hopeful developers

Luxury february 29, 2016

Snapchat Wants to Be a Financial Advisor to Millennials

The ephemeral photo platform is gearing up to develop Robo-Advisory technology

Work june 23, 2014

Venture Capital Is A Product Founders Don't Have to Buy

Phineas Barnes, partner at First Round Capital, spoke at the Northside Festival about how VCs could make life less painful for entrepreneurs.

Luxury march 27, 2014

Access The Investment World With Less Than A Dollar

New platform is making smart investment easy for the mainstream.

Syndicated may 17, 2012

Warren Buffett Believes In The Future Of Newspapers

Billionaire investor makes 2nd print news purchase in a year, buying 63 newspapers, and saying he believes small-town publications lend a sense of community.

Technology may 16, 2012

Five Reasons Investors May Not Want To Buy Facebook Shares

The sale will likely generate billions, but hidden just beneath the buzz are signs that not all is well for Silicon Valley's star.

Technology april 4, 2012

New Social Lending Platform Lets Alumni Help Invest In Student's Education

With SoFi, the past graduates of a school help to finance the education of future graduates, and also get to know them via a social network.

Mobile november 10, 2011

Square Signs On Richard Branson As A New Investor [Headlines]

The mobile payment startup has received enthusiastic funding from a variety of sources.

july 11, 2011

Tech Companies: Undervalued Or Not? [Headlines]

Marc Andreessen and Warren E. Buffett are two of the largest names in investing, but the two disagree about the value of technology stocks.

Cities may 24, 2011

When Hedge Funds Go Farming

Hedge Funds are are investing in arable land at a pace indicative of a "farmland bubble."

Technology june 15, 2010

Interview With A King Maker: Fred Wilson

Nick Bilton talks with the man behind the highly successful Union Square Ventures.


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