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[News] Apple and Deloitte partner to facilitate business with iPhone and iPad solutions
[Inspiration] Tablets help keep kids calm before surgery
Mobile august 12, 2016

Bring Your Kids’ Drawings To Life In An Interactive Game

Osmo's new iPad app takes storytelling to a whole new level by letting readers put their art directly into the narrative

Work july 19, 2016

A Futuristic, Fully Automated Quinoa Restaurant Is Coming To NYC

West Coast brand Eatsa is expanding its automated healthy options to the opposite side of the country

Technology july 11, 2016

Building Block Game For Kids Combines Physical And Digital Play

The interactive set uses bricks and augmented reality to unlock hidden worlds

Syndicated april 7, 2016

Apple At 40: Privacy, Software, New Device Frontiers Are Key Challenges

Pioneering firm is hoping to avoid a midlife crisis, while staying relevant

[Insight] What happens to electronics after they are thrown in the trash?
Design & Architecture february 26, 2015

Sketching App Turns iPad into Brainstorming Tool Worthy of Boardrooms

Adonit Forge allows for drawing, storyboarding, and design critique in collaborative settings

Gaming & Play february 19, 2015

Transform Your iPhone into a Mini Drumset

An iPhone drumpad lets users record a music session directly from their iOS device

Advertising february 19, 2015

The Great Battle Between Digital Wallets and All-In-One Cards

Apple's and Google's competition is stiffening up as new payment systems crop up left, right and center. But who's coming out on top?

Luxury february 17, 2015

Print Yourself from Head to Toe with Full-Body 3D Scanner

ItSeez3D releases industry-changing scanner that creates a pint-sized you

Technology february 10, 2015

What an Apple Game Accessory Could Look Like

A possible design solution for hardcore gamers who avoid the touchscreen interface

Work february 3, 2015

This Book Cover is the One That Does the Judging

If you happen to judge by looks, open wide for a taste of your own medicine from high-tech book cover by Moore Amsterdam

Arts & Culture february 3, 2015

Creative Professionals Receive Retina-Quality Portfolios Their Work Deserves

Kredo iPad app showcases creative work in industry-ready and sleek design


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