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Technology september 12, 2013

IPad Cover Converts Real Sketches Into Digital Copies In Real-Time

iSketchnote digitizes doodles and comes with regular pens whose colors show up as their same colors on the app.

Gaming & Play july 30, 2013

iPad Cover Turns Baseball Data Into An Interactive Sculpture [Video]

Teehan+Lax Labs created a memento to the season with acrylic slides depicting the data of MLB teams’ performance.

Technology december 16, 2011

iPad2 Cover With Built-In Speakers Boosts Volume By 300%

The Sound Cover project by Petur Olafsson is seeking backing on Kickstarter.

Design & Architecture august 12, 2011

Braille iPad Cover Allows Visually-Impaired People To Use The iPad

Omnifer is an innovative braille panel cover and programmed app to help everyone use the iPad.

Retail april 2, 2010

10 Covers For Your New iPad

The iPad may alter the way we browse the web and consumer media - but how we protect our coveted tablets will make a huge impact on the life and longevity of the experience. These sleek cases may even catch the attention of a few admirers.


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