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Apple and MLB bring iPad data analytics to the dugout (ESPN)
Design & Architecture december 23, 2015

Think Different: This Apple Museum Collection Is Inspired by Steve Jobs

The largest private Apple collection in the world features vintage products, clothing worn by Steve Jobs, and the Apple Lisa

Technology december 16, 2013

Fisher-Price Releases Baby iPad Chair

Parents and bloggers are outraged at Baby's First iPad Stand, but does it simply reflect a growing reality?

Innovation december 6, 2013

9 Things You Need To Know Today

Using Google to predict flu outbreaks, Applebee's attempts to automate, and more.

Mobile december 3, 2013

11 Things You Need to Know Today

Nursery-school kids are struggling with basic pen and pencil skills, New York Magazine is scaling back its publishing, and more.

Technology august 13, 2013

iPad Drink Ordering System Turns Bars Into Social Networks

Logbar in Tokyo gives every customer an iPad for designing their own drinks and receiving auto-recommendations.

Technology july 30, 2013

IPad-Equipped Fitness Wall Monitors Strength Training

The new type of fitness club features seven-foot walls designed for squats, calf raises and pull-ups.

Sustainability june 25, 2013

American Airlines Outfits Pilots With iPad Flight Kits

The company reduces waste by getting rid of the more than 24 million paper pages needed to keep pilots informed.

Retail may 16, 2013

iPad Stand Replaces Traditional Cash Registers

Mobile payment service Square has introduced the Square Stand that has a built-in credit card swipe machine.

Advertising november 21, 2012

12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Youtube is trying out a new look, Britain overtakes US as the nation with the most cultural influence, and iPads top the holiday wish list.... Links to start your day with.

Luxury november 7, 2012

London To Introduce Street Lights Controlled By iPads

To save energy Westminster City Council will replace its lights with smart bulbs.

Technology october 1, 2012

6 Stories You Need To Know Today

The first ever animated GIF movie poster, Apple publicly apologizes for its new maps, and an airline that hands out iPads for your flight...Links to start your day with.

Home september 13, 2012

Delta Airport Terminal iPads Let Guests Check Flight Info & Order Food

In New York’s LGA airport, tablets at boarding gates help improve the waiting experience as people can play games, check flight information, and have snacks delivered to them.

Technology july 12, 2012

Orangutans Communicate With Zoo Keepers Using iPads [Video]

At the Jungle Island animal park in Miami, orangutans use apps to choose what food they want.


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