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In the age of smart technology, understanding the iPod’s legacy (Kernel)
Work february 29, 2016

Has the iPod Risen From the Ashes?

Active audiophiles can rejoice about an independent little music player

Sustainability february 3, 2015

Mood-Sensitive Sound System Pools Your CD Collection and Streaming Services

Bang & Olufsen's luxury stereo system is a mood-rich way to play your music

Gaming & Play april 1, 2014

iBeacon Classroom App Ensures That Students Can't Play Hooky

BeHere seamlessly tracks attendance as students walk through the door.

Technology december 10, 2013

Life-Sized iPhone Critiques Society's Obsession [Video]

Somehow, seeing people touch real versions of iOS 6 design elements makes them seem more ridiculous.

Cities april 2, 2013

12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Vatican to create advertising campaign, questions over the existence of the iPod and Facebook to build new campus...links to start your day with.

Work march 21, 2013

Foursquare For Cocktails Shares What Friends Are Drinking In Real-Time

Elixr allows friends to comment, share and photograph beverages and highlight bars where you can find them.

Retail february 6, 2013

Platform Lessens Dressing Room Stress By Sharing Outfits With Social Networks

New photo-sharing app, Voto, take the pressure off shoppers by crowdsourcing purchasing decisions.

Cities december 6, 2012

Put A Coin In A Converted Washing Machine For An Instant Dance Party

Gap Filler, a creative urban regeneration initiative, has installed the ‘Dance-O-Mat’ in Christchurch to give the locals a fun and interactive experience.

Advertising november 27, 2012

A Look Back At This Year's Apple Ads

Take a look at the various marketing efforts the tech giant has created in in 2012. A chaotic melange, or a continual fresh approach? You decide.

Home november 5, 2012

'Pinched' iPads & iPhones Create Giant Screen

Japanese research team maximizes the iOS interface to project a large singular image from multiple interconnected devices.

Syndicated october 25, 2012

Are Apple's Product Launches Becoming More Frequent?

Nineteen products have been launched this year, the data shows that this year is in the top three for new gadgets from the tech giant. See the full chart.

Innovation october 9, 2012

Valet Service For Cellphones In Operation At NYC Public Schools

Mobile devices are banned in New York City public schools, so some students pay one dollar per day to leave them in a truck parked outside.

Arts & Culture september 14, 2012

Circuit Board Of The London Underground Is Also A Functional Radio

Designer Yuri Suzuki creates a working radio modeled after London Tube designer Harry Beck's Underground.


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