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Work january 21, 2014

Scott Lachut: Introducing PSFK's Future Of Wearable Tech Series

Survey produced in partnership with Intel explores the evolving form and function of tech and its impact on the way we live.

Mobile january 21, 2014

Piers Fawkes: How Wearable Tech Will Augment The Human Experience

PSFK Founder Piers Fawkes introduces the ideas about emerging technologies from the Future of Wearable Tech series.

Partner Content august 18, 2013

Using Context To Build A Better Entertainment Experience [Future Of Entertainment]

In the fifth week of our ten week series with IQ by Intel, we explore the way context is enriching our entertainment experience.

Arts & Culture july 21, 2013

Socially Curated Discovery: How Algorithms Will Tell Us What We Like [Future Of Entertainment]

In the second week of our ten week series with IQ by Intel, we look at the rise of socially-powered recommendation services.

Cities july 21, 2013

How Drones Evolved From Military Espionage To Pizza Delivery

This technology is being commercialized and popularized and is taking on a new role in customer service.

Home june 30, 2013

How The Live Concert Experience Is Changing Drastically

New mobile technologies are changing the way we experience, and what we expect from, our favorite performers on stage.

Gaming & Play may 26, 2013

Teenager Teaches Himself To Build A 3D Printed Robotic Prosthetic

17-year-old Easton LaChappelle made a working arm out of old Nintendo parts.

Technology april 28, 2013

How A Deaf DJ Turns To Tech To Make His Music

Robbie Wilde sees and feels music instead of hearing it.

Retail march 31, 2013

How Shopper Tracking Is Creating A More Sophisticated Retail Experience

With the help of partner iQ by Intel, PSFK looks at how advances in technology are helping retailers better serve their customers.

Luxury march 31, 2013

Using Tech To Provide Shoppers With Better In-Store Experience

With the help of partner iQ by Intel, PSFK looks at how technology is improving customer service.

Syndicated march 17, 2013

How Interactive Displays Are Helping Customers Buy Smarter

With the help of partner iQ by Intel, PSFK builds a hypothetical retail store that can better engage customers with the use of digital displays.

Sustainability march 10, 2013

Why The Games Of The Future Are Moving Beyond The Console

With the help of partner iQ by Intel, PSFK looks at how gaming culture is evolving.

Work february 24, 2013

From Star Trek To Tupac: How Holograms Are Changing Communication

No longer science fiction, PSFK and Intel look at how performers, business execs, and even museums are embracing the technology.

Design & Architecture february 15, 2013

Future of Gadgets: What's Next In How We Interact With Technology?

A few years ago, typing command lines was standard operating procedure. A look at the future of device interaction, as written for iQ by Intel.


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