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Work september 26, 2014

American Artist to Build a 'Temporary' Temple in Ireland

David Best, the man behind the popular ornate temples at Nevada's Burning Man Festival, has began crowdfunding for a similar structure across the pond

Luxury august 20, 2014

Ancient Statues Appear to Take Selfies at Ireland Art Gallery

A Reddit user creates a photo series using unique angles to make the art pieces seem like their own photographer

Home december 30, 2013

Z-Shaped Clothes Hanger Reinvents Everyday Object [Pics]

The Gazelle clotheshanger rethinks the old motions of hanging up and taking down clothes.

Advertising august 15, 2013

Rock Band’s Album Cover Double As A Wooden Chopping Board

Album case that can be used as a chopping board reinvents album art and breathes new life into product design.

Syndicated june 7, 2013

A Look At The Life Of The Man Who Invented Public Relations

Basil Clarke, famous British journalist of the 20th century, is credited with being the father of public relations.

Innovation february 10, 2012

Google To Open Its First Retail Store In Dublin [Headlines]

The world's most popular search engine will launch a tangible outlet in the European capital city.

Technology january 17, 2012

Cafe Lets People Order Via Twitter

Electric Ireland's proposes a model for how social media can be used to efficiently moderate transactions and deliver tasty meals.

Travel july 28, 2011

Monocolumn: The Downsides Of Portugal's Popularity

In today's column from luxury magazine Monocle, we learn about how low prices attract tourists to Portugal, but could create long-term disadvantages for the country's economy.

Sustainability july 14, 2011

Ireland Launches A New Leprechaun Energy Drink [Headlines]

'That top of the morning feeling in a can' boasts a new energy drink from the land of the four leaf clover.

Mobile march 2, 2011

The Appification Of Content

PSFK talks with Mark Mulhern of JWT in anticipation of his presentation at the upcoming PSFK Future Of Mobile Marketing Salon in Austin.

Sustainability january 31, 2011

Eco-Conscientious Graveyard Paves Way For Sustainable Burials

Irish startup focuses on changing the way we mourn, and in so doing fostering growth for indigenous industry.

Arts & Culture september 20, 2010

Smirnoff's Nightlife Exchange Project

Fans of the vodka can contribute thoughts on what makes their country's nightlife special, helping to create a global celebration of local culture.

Technology september 17, 2010

(Events) Tweak, Picnic 2010, Toyko Graphic Passport & More

A selection of inspirational upcoming events from around the world.


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