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Syndicated january 8, 2016

Dolce & Gabbana’s Luxury Hijab Collection Turns Heads and Public Opinion

High-end fashion range targeting Muslim shoppers features hijabs printed with lemon sunglasses and red roses

Sustainability november 7, 2013

Marvel’s Newest Superhero Is A Suburban Muslim Girl

Marvel Comics has introduced a series whose lead character is a teenage kid living in New Jersey, who faces familial and cultural challenges while trying to fight bad guys.

Work august 14, 2012

Is Saudi Arabia Really Thinking Of Building Women-Only Cities?

A plan is underway in the Arab nation to build industrial, exclusively female cities to increase women's economic status while also maintaining the nation's gender segregation. One journalist weighs in.

Work january 18, 2012

Comic Superheroes Re-Envision The Future Of Islam

PSFK chats with Dr.Naif Al-Mutawa on the successful promotion of multiculturalism and tolerance via pop culture.

december 8, 2011

‘Islamic’ Smartphone Launched [Headlines]

Smartphone with a digital copy of the Koran and a compass permanently tuned towards Mecca is launched in India.

Luxury august 4, 2011

Monocolumn: Water Fights In Tehran Cause Uproar

In today's column from luxury magazine Monocle, when a water fight involving 3,000 people broke out in Tehran, police started to make several arrests, for no apparent reason.

Design & Architecture march 24, 2009

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