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Media & Publishing november 28, 2016

Coca-Cola Bottle Takes Selfies With Each Sip

The device is made to snap a photo while the bottle is held at a 70-degree angle

Mobile october 19, 2016

Israeli Motorists Can Now Report Bad Drivers Directly To The Police

The new Guardians of the Road program uses technology to help curb the country's increasing amount of fatal car accidents

Technology july 5, 2016

How Machine Vision Could Reshape The Future Of Digital Interactions

A startup is developing new gesture recognition technologies that are able to track how consumers use their devices and consume content

Food june 16, 2016

Now You Can Use SodaStream To Make Your Own Beer

The updated system adds carbonation to a concentrated brew

Syndicated january 21, 2016

A Drone Ambulance Makes Maiden Flight

Autonomous ambulance that took its first untethered flight is capable of landing in spaces that helicopters can’t, and will be able to airlift people

Cities november 5, 2013

12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Square Stand becomes more widely available as 8% of US adults get their news via Twitter.

Design & Architecture august 21, 2013

Coca-Cola Offers Fans Mini 3D-Printed Figurines Of Themselves [Video]

The beverage giant utilizes 3D-printing technology to create souvenirs for its customers.

Technology august 6, 2013

Coke’s Geo-Fenced Billboards Display Nearby Driver’s Names [Video]

Personalization campaign puts people's names up in lights.

Design & Architecture august 6, 2013

USB Drive Tombstones Mourn The Deceased’s Digital Life

Hadas Arnon’s 'Digital Cemetery' consists of memory sticks gathered into an archive, offering a place to remember the dead.

Innovation april 26, 2013

Scientists Grow Test Tube Bones

Bonus BioGroup has found a way to manufacture human bones from live fat cells, which can be used for bone grafts and joint replacements.

Home february 28, 2013

Charity Creates Thrift Store Brand To Reach Young Donators

McCann Israel teamed up with a local NGO to help provide the needy with food by selling vintage clothes.

Work february 7, 2013

Take A Look Inside Google’s New Tel Aviv Office [Pics]

The search giant's floors in the Electra Tower look like a hotel lounge, park and cafe rolled into one.

Technology january 11, 2013

Magnetic Helmet Helps Treat Depression

Researchers in Israel have developed a non-invasive way to treat brain disorders.

Design & Architecture november 15, 2012

Flexible Chair Can Transform Into 4 Different Seats

Itay Kirshenbaum’s design can be flipped to change its seating mode, with different functions like a beach chair and rocking chair.


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