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Technology february 28, 2014

Tesco Turns Blogger Recipes Into In-Store Grocery Lists

Supermarket giant partners up with food intelligence firm to create a futuristic way to shop online.

Work august 17, 2012

Upcycled Furniture Made From Old Car Parts [Pics]

Rusty materials found in a junkyard recycled into unique home and office pieces.

Home june 26, 2012

Stroller Packaging Can Be Made Into A Chair & Lampshade

The cardboard box from Joolz has printed directions on how to turn it into useful items.

Technology june 26, 2012

Interactive Furniture Responds To Human Touch [Pics]

Chair, tables, and benches that light up and react to the body.

Luxury june 13, 2012

Fendi Makes Luxury Furniture From Upcycled Food Industry Refuse [Pics]

High-end fashion house tasks designers with unconventional materials like a cow bladder, and fish skin, for its furniture pieces.

Retail june 6, 2012

Vending Machine Lets Users Swap Items

The Swap-O-Matic lets users donate, receive or swap items in the different compartments, encouraging reusing and recycling.

july 18, 2011

Google+ Users Share One Billion Items Per Day [Headlines]

The number of Google+ users and items they share continues to increase.


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