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Work january 16, 2015

Oculus Rift Platform Tracks & Finds The World's Missing Art

The Museum Of Stolen Art features inaccessible pieces of history, interactive audio tour aimed to recover lost masterpieces

Technology june 11, 2014

Data-Powered Clothing Reveals More Or Less Skin In Response To Online Activity

The wearable sculpture 'x.pose' changes opacity to expose a person as they produce trails of information.

Travel february 12, 2014

Interactive Subway Installation Depicts Real-Life Commuters [Video]

New project brilliantly interprets the thoughts of subway riders in New York City.

Innovation june 30, 2012

New Spin On UN Index Measures Happiness In Cupcakes

Annelie Berner's final project for NYU's ITP program used the sweetness of baked goods to help people express their level of contentment versus the world's.

Design & Architecture june 30, 2012

Furniture Inspired By Nature Fights Insomnia

Cocooning is a biomimicry exercise for the ITP program at NYU that uses modern comfort and design to create physical calm in a chaotic world.

Work june 9, 2012

Interactive Installation Helps Strangers Talk To Each Other

Three students create Branch Out -- an opportunity for anonymous conversations in public spaces -- as part of NYU’s ITP year end show.

Home june 7, 2012

Up! Inspired Mobile App Lets Users Make A House Soar By Blowing Into Their Phones

Design student creates an interactive experience, after being inspired by the National Geographic's real-life flying balloon house, for her Interactive Telecommunications Program year end project.

Technology may 12, 2012

Clay Shirky: There Are No Rules To Creativity [Video]

In this short clip from PSFK CONFERENCE NYC, ITP professor argues that creativity is the ability to produce 'valuable novelty'.

Advertising may 5, 2012

Clay Shirky: What I Learned About Creativity By Watching Creatives [Video]

Tech thought-leader describes five projects that he thinks are pushing the creative boundaries; and wonders if any rules about creativity can be drawn from looking at such work.

IoT april 7, 2012

Keynote Address: There Are No Rules For Creativity [PSFK NYC 2012]

Clay Shirky Of NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) explains how he is constantly reevaluating what he thought he knew about creative practices as he encounters new projects.

Work february 20, 2012

Clay Shirky To Speak At PSFK CONFERENCE NYC 2012

Shirky teaches at NYU's ITP course which is widely recognized as one of the key drivers of the city's creativity.

Mobile july 12, 2011

Red Bull Creation Project Roundup [Pics]

While all of the teams competing did an amazing job, a few in particular caught our eye.

Arts & Culture may 27, 2011

3D Printing Lets You Touch The Statistics [Video]

3D printing affords interesting insight into the ergonomics of a ubiquitous device.

Technology may 18, 2011

The Future of Touchscreen Technology [Video]

ITP student Michael Knuepfel has created a number of devices which explore and extend the use of touchscreen technology.


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