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Technology july 18, 2016

Apple's New Reality Show Developed For App Creators

Casting calls are now open for Planet of the Apps, a new series that will offer marketing and funding to hopeful developers

Technology may 26, 2015

Easiest Way to Find Movies on Netflix, Amazon, iTunes and HBO

Leanflix is a filtering tool for the binge-watching generation to ensure people get the most out of online viewing

[Insight] Why Apple’s iTunes is still poorly designed after 13 years
Work february 9, 2015

Buttonless Speaker Lets You Share and Stream Music with Only Your Hands

The Sugr Cube allows users to control their music experience with touch and motion

Retail february 2, 2015

Could Music Discovery Pave the Way to Retail Discovery?

Shazam intends to make the world 'shazamable' by adding geo-location and other features

Innovation march 11, 2014

Startup Bundles News Articles Like iTunes For A Pay-As-You-Read Model [Video]

Blendle aggregates all major journalism content in one place, and allows you to pick and choose what to pay for.

Luxury december 13, 2013

Beyoncé Launches Surprise Album With No PR Hype

The reigning pop star has ditched the media circus in favor of speaking directly to her fans.

Technology september 18, 2013

In-Flight App Lets Travelers Stream Movies From Their Own Devices

New technology allows air travelers to enjoy movies on all of their electronic devices.

september 12, 2013

12 Stories You Need To Know Today

More recruiters look for job candidates on social media, software that turns photographs into 3D models and England to ditch paper banknotes.

Arts & Culture july 30, 2013

Choreography App Traps Dancer Within A Tablet’s Frame [Video]

DOT DOT DOT lets people control a dance routine with their fingertips.

Syndicated april 29, 2013

The Compilation Album Returns In An Era Of Too Much Choice

Mainstream consumers are starting to lean again on trusted handrails to guide them through the music of today and yesterday.

Home april 29, 2013

10 Stories You Need To Know Today

LivingSocial customers get hacked, the NY Times has a Google Glass app and NASA uses smartphones as satellites...links to start your day with.


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