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[Insight] Fewer designers are interested in how things are made, says Apple design chief
Sustainability january 16, 2014

Why Twitter's Co-Founder Is Asking Brands To Use The Receipt As A Publishing Medium

Jack Dorsey encourages retailers to use the untapped resource to their benefit.

Work november 20, 2013

How Twitter Evolved From An Activity Announcer To An Emotional Necessity

Nick Bilton's newest book sheds new light on the social media giant's early beginnings.

Retail april 2, 2013

Twitter Co-Founder Immortalized As A Comic Book Hero

Graphic novels take on the tech business as their subject matter.

Technology february 27, 2013

Mark Zuckerberg & Bill Gates Want Kids To Learn Code [Video]

In a new video for, tech icons and celebrities talk about why students should have the opportunity to learn basic computer programming.

The 25 Most Creative People In Tech
Design & Architecture october 4, 2012

15 Stories You Need To Know Today

Why Sweden does the Internet 'best', the iPad mini is in production, and Facebook fights back against accusations that their advertising isn't effective...Links to start your day with.

Innovation september 18, 2012

Are People Becoming Disenchanted With Twitter?

The social networking service has been accused of flouting its own code of conduct. How is this criticism affecting user sentiment?

Mobile august 8, 2012

Starbucks Partners With Square For Mobile Payments [Headlines]

All 7,000 US locations will start to use the technology, enabling coffee patrons to pay without opening their wallet.

Arts & Culture june 6, 2012

Twitter Co-Founder To Write A Book On Creativity [Headlines]

"Things a Little Bird Told Me" will be a collection of experiences and reflections from Biz Stone who hopes to encourage out of the box thinking.

Technology january 24, 2012

Jack Dorsey: Twitter Isn't Social [Headlines]

Online social networking service isn't what most think it is, according to its creator.

Mobile november 18, 2011

Credit Card Reader App Comes With Loyalty Rewards [Headlines]

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey's app Square now comes with added benefits, including cash rewards.

october 27, 2011

Fewer Is Better, Says Twitter Creator To Nokia [Headlines]

Stick to no more than three products, tweeted Jack Dorsey, the software architect and business mogul.

Innovation october 17, 2011

Apple Employee #6: 'Jack Dorsey Is The Valley’s Next Steve Jobs' [Headlines]

Who has Steve's kind of vision for things yet to come?


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