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James Bridle
Cities february 13, 2014

Murder Scene Chalk Drawings Make Drone Activity Visible [Pics]

James Bridle's public installations help people become more aware of the world around them.

Syndicated october 31, 2013

YouTube For Books Puts Literary Spin On Social Networking

Catering to a community of millions, Wattpad is all about getting writers and their stories online.

Syndicated september 12, 2013

Why EReaders Make More Sense For The Developing World

A research shows that the devices could be far more practical than paper books to raise literacy levels among african children.

Work september 24, 2012

Is Cover Art Is Going Out Of Fashion?

Given that e-readers have no use for cover illustrations, how will books of the future be displayed?

Work december 6, 2010

Abstract Web Page Provides Ambient Weather Reports

A website visualizes the tides occurring in London's Thames river and the general weather conditions of the city.


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