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Retail november 11, 2016

Why Is There A Three-Month Waiting List For This $350 Toaster?

Balmuda is a hybrid device that uses a combination of steam and heat to create the perfect piece of toast

Design & Architecture november 4, 2016

Paper Envelope Lets You Explore The Starry Night Sky

Peer through this sleeve and you'll see shining constellations wherever you are

Home august 15, 2016

Muji Is Seeking Volunteers To Live In Their New House For Free

The Japanese lifestyle retailer is seeking feedback on its new living space designed to create a balance of natural light and air

Education june 30, 2016

This Instagram Account Will Teach You To Speak Another Language

Make your social media habit more productive and scroll through this feed filled with Japanese flashcards

[Inspiration] Designers reinvent vintage apparel by dyeing it black
Home september 30, 2014

Modish Imperial Proper Coffee Drip Strives to Produce Best Brew

Traditional Japanese techniques require 4 hours for the perfect cup of coffee

Cities july 17, 2014

Photo Project Highlights Japanese Craftsmanship In Era of Mass Production

Images try and revive the the beautiful art of meticulously handcrafted goods

Work may 5, 2014

Condom Ads Vacuum-Pack Couples Together To Demonstrate Power of Love

These photos "preserve the love" – forever.

Luxury march 31, 2014

Tree-Inspired Building Features Branch-Like Balconies [Pics]

The unique shape of "L'Arbre Blanc" takes its inspiration from nature.

Retail december 9, 2013

Japan Borrows Hipster Typography From Their Local Signs

Japan's "noramoji," or stray text, has a special significance for a small group of fontmakers.

Arts & Culture december 4, 2013

Japanese Artist Crafts Furniture That Looks Like Sketches

This mind-bending furniture looks like it came straight out of someone's napkin or sketchbook.

Advertising october 22, 2013

Buildings Made Of Previously Charred Lumber Reduce House Fire Risk [Pics]

The ancient Japanese tradition of Shou Sugi Ban burns wood as a strategy to preserve it and keep away insects and rot.

Technology september 10, 2013

Kinect-Powered Sign Language Converter Helps The Deaf Converse

Japanese researchers create a new way for normal listeners and the hearing-impaired to communicate.

Work september 6, 2013

Artist Projection Maps Everyday Objects [Video]

A messy bedroom and dirty sink are transformed into futuristic pieces of art.


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