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Retail january 13, 2016

The Future of Jawbone’s Shopper Experience and the Power of the Subscription Economy

Creative Agency +rehabstudio conceptualizes Jawbone's future user experience for PSFK’s Future of Retail Report

Technology september 15, 2015

Jawbone Nail Art Matches Your Activity Tracking to Your Manicure

Jawbone and OPI picked the perfect nail art looks to go with the new UP activity trackers

Work september 8, 2015

PSFK is Hiring: Researcher / Strategist Consultant

Work with companies like Google, Intel, Nike, Samsung and Target

IoT may 29, 2015

Editor’s Pick: Best Talks of PSFK 2015

Looking back at PSFK 2015 and into the Future of the Connected Life

Mobile may 28, 2015

6 Brands Creating the Connected Life

How Apple, Jawbone, Microsoft and more are defining conventions for the connected life

Technology may 25, 2015

Jawbone VP on Using Data at Best Moments to Fuel Personal Improvement [PSFK 2015]

Jawbone, designer of health-oriented wearables, is reframing the way we look at our gadgets, with a focus on you

Home may 19, 2015

How Small Changes Make Lasting Improvements

Stress, sleep, and fitness tweaks set consumers on the path to maximized personal improvement

Gaming & Play may 15, 2015

Relive Some of the Best Moments from PSFK 2015

PSFK pushes the rewind button on 16 talks from the PSFK 2015 conference

Work april 13, 2015

Jawbone: People are Organizing Principle the Internet of Things Needs [PSFK 2015]

This Friday, April 17, hear Jawbone's VP for Marketing Danika Laszuk talk on why smart devices need to be working on our behalf

Advertising march 19, 2015

Happier Humans Thanks to Data and Peer Groups [PSFK 2015]

PSFK Conference speaker Danika Laszuk talks about humanizing data and using social support for self-improvement

Retail march 5, 2015

5 IKEA Announcements from 2020

Pillow dream journals, assembly boxes turned Google Cardboard, and meaty holograms top PSFK's wishful concepts

Op-Ed january 26, 2015

Amanda Howe: Pet Tech is Not Just for the Barking Mad

Our furry, scaly, and feathered friends stand at the feet of a rapidly expanding market

Sustainability january 22, 2015

Non-Tech Wearable Wants To Outperform Your Activity Trackers

FLIP BAND is a wristband that looks similar to wearable tech, and has a similar motivational purpose, but that boasts no technology

Work january 16, 2015

Hosain Rahman: Time to Think About the Internet of You

The Internet of You is about not connecting because we can – but connecting because we should, says Jawbone’s founder


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