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Work july 23, 2012

What Celebrities Would Look Like As Ordinary People [Pics]

What A-list stars would look like if they were less glamorous and more average.

Technology june 12, 2012

Jay-Z Teams Up With Duracell To Bring Charging Stations To Bars, Cafes, Gyms

The rapper wants to help simplify the process of charging cellphones as the spokesperson for the portable charging hotspots.

Home may 2, 2012

Jay -Z Redesigns The Brooklyn Nets Logo

A black and white color scheme and two new logos have been introduced as the team prepares for its relocation.

Technology april 25, 2012

Jay-Z Launches His Own Facebook App

Fans of Jay-Z Jay are able to embark on their own journey from the streets of Brooklyn to the top of the hip-hop world.

Sustainability january 12, 2012

What Did Jay-Z And Beyoncé Buy Their Baby? [Pics]

With the predicted down-market spin-offs soon to be created, check out the original gifts that will be making waves in the baby retail market.

Home december 22, 2011

Hip Hop And Foursquare: Tupac’s History And Jay-Z’s Empire State Of Mind

The social app is being used to document the rapper's life and to take fans through spots mentioned in the hit song featuring Alicia Keys.

Work november 18, 2011

YouTube Launches Original Programming Channel [Headlines]

The online video streaming service has pledged $100 million in original content and will work with artists like Jay-Z and news companies like Reuters.

Technology october 21, 2011

Jay-Z & Warren Buffett Teach Kids About Money

The pair will feature in TV series 'Secret Millionaires Club' to teach kids financial literacy.

Arts & Culture september 26, 2011

How Jay-Z Inspired A Generation Of Hustlers [Headlines]

There isn’t a moment in his story where he realizes drug dealing is a deplorable profession and decides he needs to change his life around. He simply switches hustles. He never changes. He’s Jay everyday.

Design & Architecture august 25, 2011

Jay-Z & Kanye’s New Album Cover Is Printed On Gold

Givenchy's creative director adds some glamor to the latest album from the iconic rap duo.

Advertising august 20, 2011

Spike Jonze, Jay-Z & Kanye West Honor The Great Otis Redding In New Music Video [Video]

The track, from the pair's collaborative album, samples soul singer Otis Redding.

Sustainability june 20, 2011

ABSOLUT Vodka Releases Teaser Trailer for ‘Cee Lo Distilled’

Cee-Lo releases a new video collaboration with Absolut vodka that gives fans a private look at a day in his life, and can only be viewed on Facebook.

Innovation may 20, 2011

PSFK SALON LOS ANGELES: Transmedia [Recap]

We asked "Transmedia Storytelling: What Is It?” and held our PSFK Salon Los Angeles at Soho House to find some answers.

Retail april 7, 2011

Oscar de la Renta Previews New Scent On Facebook

The American fashion house allows fans an early preview of its newest fragrance, while gaining the potential to market directly to them via news feeds.


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