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Sustainability march 28, 2016

Levi's: How Responsible Business Can Build a More Profitable Brand [PSFK Conference]

Leading up to PSFK 2016, we revisit some of our past amazing talks with Erik Joule discussing Levi's top-down commitment to sustainable manufacturing

Mobile august 18, 2015

Charge An iPhone With Only Your Denim Jeans

Slide an iPhone into the #Hello jeans back pocket, and it starts charging on-the-go

Arts & Culture january 15, 2015

Honest Sketches of Adultery and Plight Sell Jeans

Men's designer turns to the reality of customer lives to develop gritty campaign

Work october 13, 2014

Alessandra Ambrosio, FC Barcelona Put Replay Jeans to the Test

Ad campaign has celebs stretching jeans to the max

Retail september 22, 2014

Denim/Fashion Brand's 10-Minute Pop-Up Shop is Likely World's Fastest

On Oct. 10, Cheap Monday plans to give away 10,000 jeans globally in a flash

Home april 11, 2014

Will Berman: How Teen Entrepreneurs Can Lead A Maker Revolution [PSFK 2014]

How a self-taught 15-year-old started his own demin brand in the crowded maker space.

Technology may 12, 2013

How To Close The Gap Between Online & Brick And Mortar Retail [PSFK SEATTLE]

Hointer's store is a microwarehouse, controlled by customers’ mobile phones.

Luxury april 1, 2013

Luxury Denim Brand Turns Old Jeans Into New Rugs

Pants that are no longer able to be worn are upcycled into a useful, eco-friendly household item.

Work february 28, 2013

Jeans Change Color Depending On Body Temperature [Video]

Naked & Famous creates wacky pants using thermochromic dye.

Sustainability february 21, 2013

Eco-Friendly Jeans Made From Wood Pulp

Student combines fibre made from wood with digital printing technology to create a more green pair of pants.

Design & Architecture february 20, 2013

Dutch Company Lets Customers Rent Designer Jeans

Mud Jeans has launched a new service that enables people to lease a pair for a year.

Design & Architecture november 12, 2012

‘Ballroom’ Jeans Give Men Extra Space When Crouching

A jean company proposes a solution for active men who worry about the lack of movement and comfort that skinny pants provide.

Design & Architecture october 17, 2012

Glenn Beck Launches Denim Line

After learning that Levi’s were no longer being made in America, Beck decided to release his own trousers through 1791, the clothing line he created last year.

Cities june 18, 2012

Magazine Made Of Denim Hits Newsstands

For Flaunt’s July/August issue, the media publication will be made out of jeans instead of paper and will be filled with content related to the clothing.


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