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Work december 3, 2012

Jeff Jarvis: Why iPad's 'The Daily' News App Failed

Rupert Murdoch's iPad-only venture neglected key lessons of subscription news, and that is why it folded.

Work april 10, 2012

Jeff Jarvis: The Institutional Revolution

How can history instruct today's institutions on adapting to new, disruptive technologies. Douglas W Allen's latest book tells all.

september 26, 2011

What Would Google Do? – In Paperback [Headlines]

Excerpts from new afterward of Jeff Jarvis's book 'What Would Google Do?'

Innovation september 16, 2011

Too Much Privacy Could Kill Innovation In The Digital Age

A new book reveals how privacy and restricted information could lead to lost opportunities in a digital age. Author Jeff Jarvis stresses the need to open up to learn and connect.

Gaming & Play august 15, 2011

Will The Future Of Work Be Virtual? [Headlines]

Could models for popular video games like Counter-Strike, Grand Theft Auto and NFL football take over the job market? Could virtual versions of ourselves be replacing ourselves at work?

Technology july 24, 2011

Jeff Jarvis: #f-u-washington [Headlines]

"That’s why #fuckyouwashington is trending on Twitter. We’re tired of being pawns. Every politician in Washington needs to pay attention to this outrage, and remember who they’re working for."

Technology july 1, 2011

Jeff Jarvis: Social Is For Sharing, Not Hiding [Headlines]

"Media and government have held a monopoly on publicness as they have owned the megaphone and soapbox. Now the internet gives the rest of us the ability to be public and these long-public people think we are scared of what we have? How patronizing of them."

Innovation june 14, 2011

Jeff Jarvis: The Authodoxy Of The Article [Headlines]

"Go through your paper in the morning and tell me how much real value is added and how much ink is spilled to tell you what you already know."

Arts & Culture november 16, 2010

Publicness And The Gutenberg Parenthesis

Jeff Jarvis took the stage at the PICNIC'10 conference in Amsterdam last month to brush aside worries about privacy in the Internet era.

Mobile january 5, 2010

Lessons Learned from Google: What to Expect in 2010

Aaron Goldman, author of "Everything I Know About Marketing, I Learned from Google", shares 10 insights he learned from Google.

Advertising june 9, 2009
IoT february 3, 2009

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