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Luxury august 15, 2014

Artists Travel Cross-Country Building Jello Brick Walls

Brooklyn-based duo realizes jello's structural qualities with a deteriorating architectural installation

Work october 9, 2013

Dali-Inspired Typeface Molds To Any Surface It Is Placed On [Pics]

Student opts for Jell-O to create an adaptable typeface that is different with each use.

Work october 26, 2012

Jell-O Infographics Tell The History Of The US Presidents

Henry Hargreaves creates a portrait of every U.S. president, coloring and positioning them to indicate different facts about their terms.

Technology january 2, 2012

Kraft Employs Age-Recognition Technology in New Sampling Campaign

Jell-O is supporting the launch of its new Temptations line of indulgences with a sampling machine that detects age prior to service.

Technology august 6, 2011

Jell-O's 3D Billboard Smiles Or Frowns Based On Twitter's Mood

CP+B's latest work with Jell-O extends the 'Pudding Face' campaign to the real-world bringing global Twitter 'mood' data to a Manhattan intersection, and free pudding to the not-so-happy :(

Advertising may 24, 2011

Jell-O 'Turns Frowns Upside-Down' Via Twitter

Using a 'mood monitor' to scans the number of smilie ":)" or sad ":(" faces on Twitter, the Kraft Foods brand will 'help spread the happy' by sending jell-o pudding coupons out to sad tweeters


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