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Jemima Kiss
Technology october 9, 2013

BBC Wants To Teach The World To Code

Broadcaster launches a nationwide campaign for computer programming education.

Syndicated may 10, 2013

What Will Overtake Facebook?

Facebook seem ever more dominant, but smaller rivals are appealing to those who worry about online privacy.

Technology january 3, 2013

Wikipedia's Most Popular Articles Of The Year

From 1 Direction to Fifty Shades of Grey; the Guardian rounds up the online encyclopedia's top ten most viewed pages for 2012.

Luxury december 10, 2012

Bitcoin Becomes Legitimate Payment System

Virtual currency website takes a step towards legitimacy with European recognition.

Work october 2, 2012

Why Are There So Few Women Working In Technology?

The number of women recruited to the industry has been falling over the past 10 years. Now a new campaign directed at industry leaders, government and parents aims to take action.


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