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AI september 13, 2016

A Chatbot Unveils The Harsh Reality Of Life For Ethiopian Women

Charity:Water and Lokai convey the difficulties of obtaining clean water through a fictional story of computer-generated girl

Health september 12, 2016

Jewelry Collection Doubles As Mosquito Repellant

Guard yourself against the dengue and Zika viruses with necklaces and bracelets accessorized with citronella beads

Fashion august 26, 2016

Fashionable Tassel Will Ensure You Never Lose Your Valuables Again

The device is fashion meets connected tech, that will help you keep track of your belongings at all times

Retail august 1, 2016

Turn Your Kids’ Drawings Into Custom Jewelry

A Turkish jeweler creates necklaces, brooches and other accessories inspired by doodles

Arts & Culture july 27, 2016

These Intricate Necklaces Are Made From Human Hair

British artist seeks to explore the tension between beauty and aversion in a collection of organic jewelry

Design & Architecture may 4, 2016

These Small Rings Contain Tiny Natural Landscapes

Secret Wood is a Canada-based company that adds a whimsical twist to traditional rings

Design & Architecture april 19, 2016

Old Book Pages Transformed Into Beautiful Unique Jewelry

A designer creates a bridge between timeless literary pieces and jewelry

Design & Architecture march 31, 2016

Would You Want Your DNA In Your Diamonds?

Personalizing jewelry by infusing each piece with a piece of the owner — literally

Work march 14, 2016

A Geometric Jewelry Box That Matches the Gift Inside

This specially-created jewel box is packaging that lives on as its own gift

IoT february 13, 2015

Jewelry Alerts You to Nearby Hot Spots of Favorite TV Shows

Fan communities can geo-connect with Fans on Foot bracelet

Advertising december 16, 2014

New Jewelry Connects Wearers with the Stars

Satellite-U augmented reality gives jewelry lovers an out of space experience

Technology november 14, 2014

Stay Safe Yet Fashionable with Artemis Smart Jewelry

This stylish accessory is expanding the frontier of the latest generation of consumer technology

Mobile november 5, 2014

‘Neclumi’ Projected Necklace Replaces Material Jewelry with Decorative Light

Light necklace ushers in new wave of decorative wearable technology

Mobile october 24, 2014

Fashion Jewelry Fuses Nature, The Ancient, Nature & Tech

An all-female design team works to combine functionality and fashion for the wearable tech industry


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