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Work february 12, 2016

Let Your Video Selfie Be Your Resume on the Job Hunt

Employment app lets job seekers create short video pitches and compressed CVs

Home february 12, 2016

Blind-Matching Job Site Could Be a Networking Killer

A smart job search for strategists wants to stop irrelevant leads

Design & Architecture june 3, 2014

Employment Site Understands And Breaks Down The Creative Job Search

50 Ways To Get A Job That Makes Good helps people navigate through the job hunt process, giving advice for every stage.

Mobile march 19, 2014

Tinder For Job Searching Matches Recruiters With Candidates

Recruiters can now simply swipe left or right to sort through job hunters.

Cities november 29, 2013

PSFK's Top Five Stories Of The Week

Embroidered cat dress shirts, a brilliant British Airways ad and Airbnb for attractive people.

Technology november 27, 2013

Web Service Monitors People's Social Media For Inappropriate Posts

Reputation-management service Persona checks social accounts to help keep your public-facing profile squeaky-clean.

Technology october 25, 2012

Job Site Lets Users Shadow Professionals To See If They Like Their Career

LifeSwap is a tool that aims to offer real-life experience by enabling people looking to break into an industry to learn from others.

Work january 11, 2012

New App Taps Your Twitter Network Automatically To Find Your Next Job

WorkFu constantly scans social media to find you relevant employment opportunities.

november 17, 2011

More Get Jobs Via Facebook Than LinkedIn, Twitter [Headlines]

More than 22 million Americans use social media to find jobs, up from 7.7 million last year.


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