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John Geraci
Work may 26, 2013

Crowd Planning Brings Collaboration Into Urban Design [My Ideal City]

PSFK chats with John Geraci of DIYCity, about how crowd planning is impacting city development.

Advertising may 26, 2013

Cities Planned With Public Opinion Collected Via SMS [My Ideal City]

Textizen is an SMS platform which engages community feedback in order to inform planning decisions.

Innovation december 2, 2011

Crowdsourcing CO2 Output [Headlines]

John Geraci says that we must start mapping CO2 output by city so that communities can see and understand what their own contribution to the problem is.

Retail november 14, 2011

John Geraci: 3D Printing Means No More 'Made In China' - Or Detroit [Headlines]

Entrepreneur imagines stores that don't need to manufacture things at all – they just send a customer a blueprint.

june 28, 2011

New Apps Are No Longer News [Headlines]

Because there are so many new apps appearing, it's hard for news media to get people excited for another emerging app.

Cities april 26, 2011

An EZ Way To Get A Lot More People Using EZ Pass [Headlines]

"EZ Pass is so cool – it’s a city tech person’s dream app.. But for a system that’s so well designed to improve throughput and efficiency, they haven’t thought through their user acquisition tactics very well."

Work march 30, 2009
Design & Architecture march 23, 2009
Mobile december 1, 2008

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