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Josh Halliday
Work june 21, 2013

Why Older Millenials Are Willing To Pay For Digital News

New survey of 11,000 people reports that paywalls and apps are becoming a normal means of digital access.

Technology january 28, 2013

Google Faces Legal Action Over Alleged Secret iPhone Tracking

10 million UK residents could have grounds to sue the search giant after it sidestepped Apple security to monitor web habits.

IoT january 18, 2013

Teenage Tablet Owners Are Reading More News

Users aged 18 to 24 most likely to download apps from UK national newspapers, concludes survey.

Work january 8, 2013

What Is Buzzfeed's Power?

After raising nearly $20m in funding, the social news website is set to launch in the UK in direct competition with the Mail Online.

Mobile december 19, 2012

Has Instagram Made Us The Product?

The change in the Facebook-owned company's terms of use has caused uproar online. But should it have?

Innovation december 18, 2012

UK Police Setting Up Intellectual Property Crime Unit

New measures are aimed at specifically prosecuting copyright infringement.

Travel august 16, 2012

Google Acquires Frommer's, One Year After Zagat [Headlines]

The search mogul acquires a vast digital archive of travel reviews, building on buy-out last year of the restaurant rating service.

Cities july 20, 2012

Google Blurs Faces To Protect Protesters On YouTube

The video-sharing site is aware of the broadcasting of protests and civil disobedience from countries all around the world and is trying to create a safe environment.

august 4, 2011

Google Chrome Is The UK's Second Most Popular Browser [Headlines]

Google Chrome's 22% hold on internet browsers shows that its popularity is creeping up to Internet Explorer's #1 spot in the UK.


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